May 24, 2024

Jairo Guedz was part of Sepultura during their early years and played guitars and bass on their cult Bestial Devastation EP and the Morbid Visions album. After that, he released two albums and one EP with fellow Brazilian thrashers The Mist, before forming The Troops Of Doom, during the pandemic. The debut album Antichrist Reborn (2022) showed the band’s old school approach, looking back at the formative years of South American extreme metal, but with an updated sound and production and a bit more death metal brutality put on top. The Troops Of Doom’s line up also includes Alexandre Oliveira (Eminence) on drums, Alex Kafer (Enterro) on vocals and bass and guitarist Marcelo Vasco, who, apart from playing with bands like Demoniac Harvest and Hellscourge, is a well-known artist, who has contributed amazing artwork for Slayer, Borknagar, Dimmu Borgir, Kreator and a ton other bands.

The new album A Mass To The Grotesque is a definite statement of intent, starting with the killer old school artwork by the legendary Dan Seagrave and mixing and mastering handled by equally legendary Jim Morris at Morrisound Recording. Truest of the true, right? Right. The album is exactly what you should expect – pulverizing thrash with a death metal edge, Chapels Of The Unholy opening proceedings in an exemplary way. Denied Divinity introduces some Slayer-style riffs as well as Blood Upon The Throne, but otherwise the songs are a mixture of early Sepultura, Incubus (now Opprobrium) and just a little bit of late-era Testament thrown-in. God Of Bizarre is a bit lengthier and more experimental in structure and atmosphere, but this is an exception in a very monolithic-sounding album.

When I say “monolithic”, this is where my only minor complaint rises from. The songs start to get too predictable after a while and the melodies and riffs are like AI-generated if you put a task of “compose a new Sepultura album using the same chord progressions as the first four albums and the first two Possessed albums to create different riffs”. It was all done before and even though the songs in A Mass To The Grotesque are very well composed and professionally performed, I can’t avoid feeling slight dissatisfaction with this predictability. However, it is absolutely guaranteed that The Troops Of Doom will put a big smile on the face of every fan of this era in thrash and early death metal. This is an album that easily ticks all the right boxes and is made from the fans for the fans, so the purpose is achieved.


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A Mass To The Grotesque will be out on May 31st via Alma Mater Records and can be pre-ordered from HERE