March 4, 2021

The Veith Ricardo Project was a band that was put together at the beginning of the new millennium with the intention of being classic, keyboard driven progressive rock with some of the power of progressive metal incorporated to give the music a hefty punch. Driven by vocalist Juan Ricardo of Dark Arena fame and the keyboard maestro Vincent Veith (Ghost Ship/Velvet Voyage) they began work on the album in 2005 and soon brought in a team of musicians in guitarist Neil Zaza, bassist Doug Johns, drummer Chris Ceja and Jerry Brightman on pedal steel. However, the project was abandoned in the same year leaving behind just a collection of demos but, as a result of inactivity due to Covid, Veith and Ricardo got together in 2020 and returned to the studio in 2020 to, finally, complete the project.

The completed album very much has the feel of a concept album verging even on rock opera with a huge score and there is just so much happening with swathes of keyboards, churning guitars and a strident and intense vocal delivery from Juan Ricardo. Much of the keyboard driven work puts me in mind of the great Glass Hammer but there are quite a few styles here from hard rock, anthemic melodic rock right through to progressive rock so that every play seems to bring something new to the mix. There are pleasing ballads to enjoy too but it is a difficult album to categorise due to the ever changing styles but it is a most pleasing album that is probably best described as AOR. Great guitar, thrilling keyboards and the usual rich and expressive vocals of Ricardo make this an album that will provides hours of delight as you try to compartmentalise the sound but you will continue to find something new that will always delight.

It’s taken 15 years to close the loop but it’s now done and Juan Ricardo and Vincent Veith can be very pleased with themselves as they take you o their personal rock and roll roller coaster of emotions. Just listen to Highest Mountains and if it doesn’t move you then you must have a heart of stone. If you haven’t heard the keyboard work yet of Veith then you are in for a very pleasant surprise as this guy really does thrill and exhilarate in equal measure.

Storm Warning track list

  1. Running Away (6:49)
  2. The Green Tractor (6:26)
  3. Storm Warning (6:41)
  4.  Hit The Wall (5:13)
  5. Eruption Of Corruption (3:07)
  6. Anathema Maranatha (4:38)
  7. Longing For Home (2:52)
  8. Lighthouse (3:47)
  9. Always (3:34)
  10. Highest Mountain (4:36)
  11. I Still Love You (3:27)