April 8, 2024

These Wicked Rivers is a classic blues rock band which formed in 2014 in Derby with Force Of Nature being their second release following on from the debut Eden which came out in 2020. They are a 4-piece outfit with John Hartwell on vocals and rhythm guitar, Arran Day on lead guitar, John Hallam on bass and Dan Southall on drums.

These Wicked Rivers is band that has been steadily developing a reputation as a hard working and intense live band with several successful support slots to some high-profile acts as well as gaining ever increasing numbers at their own headline shows. Force Of Nature shows a band with a love of heavy, ’70s blues flavoured rock out of the Free/Cream camp allied with an American swagger and serve up stunning vibes very reminiscent of bands like Rival Sons and The Black Crowes so you just know that satisfaction is going to be guaranteed.

Hartwell has a perfect blues voice that infuses a burning soulfulness into the proceedings with some blistering guitar from Day and although these two will get the main plaudits special praise must also be showered on the nard working Hallam and Southall for laying down a hypnotic beat that allows vocals and guitar to deliver the fireworks.

There are many brilliant blues rock bands around but there is always room for another quality name on the block and These Wicked Rivers deliver the goods big style.

Force Of Nature

  1. Force of Nature (3:53)
  2. The Family (3:18)
  3. Black Gold (3:36)
  4. Testify (5:01)
  5. When the War is Won (5:30)
  6. The Riverboat Man (3:32)
  7. Just to be a Man (4:46)
  8. Lord Knows (4:06)
  9. Don’t Pray for Me (5:32)
  10. Lonely Road (2:38)