November 6, 2021

Thomas Carlsen is a Norwegian multi-instrumentalist and song writer with Transmission being his latest project which is very much inspired by classic ’80s metal from the likes of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Queensrÿche and that is not a bad list of musical inspirations and comparisons by any standards.

Carlsen plays all instruments but has brought in fellow Norwegian Marius Danielsen from power metal band Legend Of Valley Doom to provide all vocals. Beginning with a short instrumental, the EP features 5 tracks for 21-minutes of guitar driven classic heavy metal on which Carlsen shows that he is a guitarist of extraordinary talent and Danielsen a strong and powerful vocalist with a sound similar to Bruce Dickinson.

Carlsen wrote all of the material except for Still Life which is a very enjoyable Iron Maiden cover from Piece Of Mind and shows just how much love the two musicians have for the mighty Maiden.

Redemption is an excellent EP that sets up Carlsen for the next step which is a full album and, based on this, then it should be a very worthwhile metal release.

Redemption EP

  1. Cloudbursting (2:48)
  2. Redemption (5:16)
  3. Fallen From Grace (4:44)
  4. Still Life (4:36)
  5. Hard Line (2:54)