March 10, 2023

Thron have been around for less than eight years, but we are already awaiting the release of their fourth full-length album, entitled Dust, and coming out on March 31st through Listenable Records. The style on display is heavily influenced by the Swedish melodic black-death scene and bands like Dissection and Sacramentum, but there is also more than just a touch of the God Dethroned brutality and angst to be found in the 11 new songs.

Proceedings are opened with the ferociousness of a berserker and a death metal influence in Dying In The Mud, while the following track Return is heavier on the black metal influence. Into Oblivion too is a melodic black-death masterpiece with fantastic lead guitars and rhythm section. Thron’s strongest feature and where the greatest praises should be directed is their sense of the good melody and the catchy riff. The pummeling lead guitars in The Tyranny Of I are absolute class while the storytelling and striking compositional ability of The Golden Calf speak of a talent rarely matched in the scene. Each and every song crushes with sound and atmosphere, with the second half of the album even gradating in quality. Face Of Despair is probably the most epic song, with the closing hymn Martyr at a close second. There is a veil of mystery surrounding Thron, with the identity of the band members hidden behind acronyms, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some well-known musicians are involved.

Dust is easily the best album in the genre for more than two years, or to be more precise, the best since Necrophobic’s Dawn Of The Damned. Together with The Spirit and Thulcandra, Thron are leading the German branch of the melo-death and black metal, but with an album as strong as Dust under their belts, these guys are aimed even higher. It’s always a joy when expectations are met and to listen to such a bloody good album in a genre that started more than 30 years ago is a testament of the rule that talent know no boundaries.


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