January 30, 2023
Photo: Guido Karp

We now come to album number five by the very hard rocking Thundermother and I think that the surprise that it is an all-female group has now been consigned to history given that they are a superior hard rock band regardless of gender!

It was in 2010 when guitarist Filippa Nässil relocated to Stockholm and set about putting together a new team of musicians to bring her music to life and she recruited well with the debut being an impressive rocker built upon the music of artists such as AC/DC, Girlschool and the inimitable Suzi Quatro. However, Nässil is not an artist who stands still and is constantly re-jigging the band ever in search of pushing the music onwards and upwards. This makes her the sole survivor from the original team with the new album featuring a line-up of Guernica Mancini on vocals, Emlee Johansson on drums and Mona Lindgren on bass and it appears that this team is very much to her satisfaction given that it is now the same line-up as per the Heat Wave record of 2020.

Indeed, she (and the band) made a magnificent choice with the appointment of the singer Guernica Mancini, a lady with a stunningly powerful voice endowed with a passion for blues rock and with the gravel of Brian Johnson making for a singer who truly thrills. Mancini may initially catch the eye but this is Nässil’s band and she reinforces this with a real masterclass of breath-taking proportions as she riffs and solos throughout. There are several power ballads with Mancini pouring her heart and soul into the delivery endowing the material with so much emotion that you could almost cut the tension with a knife.

Thundermother has taken up the baton from the likes of Quatro, Girlschool, Joan Jett and Lita Ford and added the balls and grit of the Stones, Motörhead and AC/DC to make a music all of their own design and one that rocks big time and simply takes no prisoners.

If you have not heard Thundermother or even worse simply dismissed them based on gender then you have made a big mistake as this is one hell of a band that struts, punches and rocks to perfection.

Black and Gold

  1. The Light In The Sky (3:34)
  2. Black And Gold (3:19)
  3. Raise Your Hands (3:40)
  4. Hot Mess (4:25)
  5. Wasted (3:24)
  6. Watch Out (3:11)
  7. I Don’t Know You (3:35)
  8. All Looks No Hooks (3:41)
  9. Loud And Free (2:50)
  10. Try With Love (3:29)
  11. Stratosphere (3:21)
  12. Borrowed Time (4:08)

Black Gold is out now via AFM Records