April 24, 2021
Photo: Guido Karp

Thundermother: Four rock grenades from Sweden!

They don’t just play rock’n’roll: Thundermother is rock’n’roll!

Their current album Heat Wave, released in July 2020, is a rock sensation that you cannot avoid. It stormed the charts and achieved big results in many countries, including #6 in Germany.

The hard rockers’ motto: “We fight for Rock’n’Roll”! Thundermother deliver what they promise and were also very successful on tour in 2020. Despite all Covid-19 restrictions, they were one of the few bands to show that you can tour with alternative concepts. The fans were thrilled, even when the stage is on the roof of a converted fire truck at a lofty height!

Where the four Swedes perform, the air burns!

Thundermother earned the reputation of the “hardest working band in the rock scene”. CAA, one of the largest booking agencies in the USA (artists including Kiss, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, Rammstein, Scorpions and many more) recognized this and signed Thundermother for their artist roster in no time at all.

In May 2021 another surprise will appear for the fans: Thundermother are releasing the “Heat Wave Deluxe Edition” as a 2-CD digipak and additionally with various limited coloured double vinyl versions. Not only can you find the complete original album on it, but also a bonus CD / vinyl with no less than 10 other previously unreleased tracks.

Whether with the lyrics or the arrangements – Thundermother‘s heart and mind are in the details. The Danish hard rock hit guarantor Soren Andersen, an experienced producer and gifted guitarist who has already worked for Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, Dave Mustaine, Tommy Aldridge, etc., took care of the fine-tuning. From the beginning there was a great emotional and creative harmony between the producer and Thundermother. This is clearly noticeable in the songs.

The result: The sophisticated version of an AC/DC / Motörhead sound, with fresh, modern hard rock elements, accompanied by a full ’70s groove. Thematically, the songs deal with the whole spectrum of life. From love ballads to blues pieces to party smashers – there is something for every mood. With her blues-soaked voice, the charismatic front woman Guernica Mancini gives the songs a unique touch and refines the Heat Wave Deluxe Edition into a must have for every fan and those who want to become one.

Heat Wave (Deluxe Edition) Track list


  1. Loud And Alive
  2. Dog From Hell
  3. Back In ‘76
  4. Into The Mud
  5. Heat Wave
  6. Sleep
  7. Driving In Style
  8. Free Ourselves
  9. Mexico
  10.  Purple Sky
  11. Ghosts
  12. Somebody Love Me
  13. Bad Habits


  1. The Road Is Ours
  2. Show Me What You Got
  3. You Can´t Handle Me
  4. Driving In Style (Acoustic)
  5. Dog From Hell (Acoustic)
  6. Sleep Feat. Jesper Binzer (Acoustic)
  7. Give Me Some Lights (Live)
  8. Thunderous (Live)
  9. Hellevator (Live)
  10. Rock’n’Roll Heaven (feat. Dregen & Pontus Snibb)

Thundermother (Photo: Guido Karp)


Filippa Nässil (Guitar)

Guernica Mancini (Vocals)

Emlee Johansson (Drums)

Majsan Lindberg (Bass)