January 24, 2023

I am of a certain age and as soon as I saw the title of this new release from vocalist Tommy DeCarlo the classic Thin Lizzy song of the same title immediately came into my mind and I had to go away and satisfy a desperate need to worship at the altar of the one, only and totally unique Phil Lynott. That craving satisfied I could then turn my attentions to this rather fine melodic rock album from the singer who made his name as the Boston vocalist when he joined the band in 2007 to replace the irreplaceable Brad Delp who had tragically passed away that year. He most certainly had big shoes to fill but DeCarlo had the soaring and divine voice to ensure that Boston continued as one of the premier melodic rock outfits whilst seamlessly slotting into the role of frontman. His truly is an inspiring tale as, being a Boston fan of old, he was contacted by Tom Scholz which resulted in being offered the Boston gig after DeCarlo posted an on-line a tribute song he had written about Delp plus a couple of Boston covers too. Now we all know that the band is hardly prolific meaning that he has only appeared on the one record being the 2013 album Life, Love and Hope with vocals shared between DeCarlo and older recordings completed by Delp although he has obviously undertaken numerous tours with the group. He also released the album Lightning Strikes Twice in 2020 which featured his son Tommy Jr with Dancing In The Moonlight being a continuation of the super slick AOR to be found on that record. As should be expected, this is very much typical American melodic rock with the material being superior, glossy and infectious with all the expected hooks and harmonies that you want and need from your AOR. This is another of those pleasing albums with a sound obviously born in the 80’s but still fresh and modern for today’s market and it benefits from sleek production, mixing and mastering by Alessandro Del Vecchio and he also supplies bass and keyboards. Great tunes and exemplary musicianship including some neat guitar contributes to an album with a classic rock vibe that is a total pleasure to listen to. If Journey, Toto, Styx and Survivor are your ‘go to’ bands then you will love this upbeat and life-affirming rock album that puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Dancing In The Moonlight

  1. Dancing In The Moonlight (3:08)
  2. Change Our Fate (4:16)
  3. Beyond Forever (4:43)
  4. Life Is Just A Game (3:46)
  5. No Surrender (4:54)
  6. The Game Is On (3:21)
  7. The Road Will Lead To You (4:28)
  8. In The Hands Of Fate (5:34)
  9. Find The Love (3:46)
  10. Home To You (3:47)
  11. Spread Your Wings And Fly (4:57)
  12. You And Me (3:24)


Tommy DeCarlo – vocals.

David Julian – guitars on tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12.

Martin Jepsen Andersen – guitars on tracks 3, 7, 8, 10.

Alessandro Del Vecchio – bass, keyboards, backing vocals

Nicholas Papapicco – drums.

August Zadra – guitar solo on 1.

Dancing In The Moonlight is out now on Frontiers Records