May 17, 2021

Tommy’s Rocktrip is the rather aptly chosen moniker for the tradition rock combo put together by drummer Tommy Clufetos for his debut solo album on which he most definitely wears his heart on his sleeve. Clufetos would probably put down his occupation as session drummer but he has worked with the great and the good in rock including appearances and albums with Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Rob Zombie, John 5, Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne as well as recently becoming the stickman for The Dead Daisies so this is a man well versed in hard and heavy rock! Beat Up By Rock N’ Roll is one of those timeless, hot and grooving rock and roll albums that could have been recorded any time from now or way back to the early swinging ’60s and has an early Rolling Stones energy that is incessant and infectious.

Clufetos takes vocals on three of the tracks and shows he has a great rock voice with Eric Dover handling the other eight songs with aplomb. Dover is another of those fine musicians and is well regarding for his prowess as both a vocalist and guitarist and has credits with Jellyfish, Alice Cooper and Slash’s Snakepit to his name. Clufetos has brought in a quality team for his first album and you get the feeling that they had a great time putting together this thoroughly enjoyable romp through rock and roll history.

Beat Up By Rock N Roll is straight forward, uncomplicated rock music with elements of bump and grind that ensures that your toes start tapping as soon as you press play and you know that you are in for a good time. I particularly love the last track Power Of Three which puts me in mind of the upbeat and always enjoyable ‘Rio’ by Michael Nesmith. Beat Up By Rock N’ Roll is a real blast as the musicians bounce off each other and rip through some immaculately written old school rock songs that take you back to the halcyon days of rock when musicians and not labels or studios had the power and musicians were allowed to play with a real joie de vivre.

You may not know the name Tommy Clufetos but he knows how to drum and, more importantly, is well sought after by the stars that need a reliable anchor man behind them. Because of this it gives the album even greater kudos now that Clufetos is up front and gaining the acclaim to which is truly due. Nothing overblown or overly extended here, just some great rock and roll played simply, effectively and with great joy, pure unadulterated fun.

Beat Up By Rock N Roll track list

  1. Heavy Load (6:17)
  2. Welcome To The Show (3:40)
  3. You Got The Cash, I Got The Flash (5:59)
  4. Make Me Smile (4:36)
  5. Do It Again (4:41)
  6. Kid Blood (6:24)
  7. Don’t Be Afraid (2:02)
  8. Beat Up By Rock N’ Roll (5:58)
  9. Got To Play Some Rock N’ Roll (4:42)
  10. The Longevity (5:26)
  11. Power Of Three (3:35)