January 19, 2021

Tragedian is a power/hard rock band formed in Hamburg in 2002 by the guitarist, songwriter and producer Gabriele Palermo with Seven Dimensions being the band’s fourth album to date. Rather strangely, it seems that the band has had an almost completely different line-up with every album that has been produced with Palermo being the only ever present and with just drummer Nicolò Berniniremaining from the team that released Unholy Divine in 2017. What does stand out above everything else is that there have been four albums and each has featured a different vocalist which either means that Palermo is unlucky, a very hard taskmaster or ever in search of the perfect line-up, you can make your own decision on which is the correct reason.

Now, Tragedian is not a band I know but I have had a listen to the previous albums and I have to advise that each version of the band has been a hard working, honest and very musically talented band but the vocalists have either not quite matched the music or not been up to the required standard. For sure, they have tried but there has always been something missing or they have been just not quite good enough. So, as stated earlier, Palermo has refreshed the team with Bernini remaining and the new additions being Dawid Wieczorek on bass, Denis Scheither on keyboards and, formerly of Aphelium, the Venezuelan vocalist Joan Pabón. So, has this refreshing of the team brought around a change in fortunes, sadly, it has not. Joan Pabón is a reasonably OK singer but he just not have the power or range required for power/progressive or melodic rock and does seem a little out of his depth with Tragedian so the band will either have to work with what they have or the search will continue. Now, this is not to say that Seven Dimensions is a bad album as the ingredients are there in terms of songwriting and playing it’s just that the singer and band do not really combine too well and Pabón does not seem to take control of the songs. The album features three reworked tracks from earlier albums which was maybe a way of introducing the new singer to the band but the issue remains that band and vocalist do not match so this is a group that still has much learning or development to do. Interestingly, there are a couple of guests on the album in Wade Black (ex-Crimson Glory and Leatherwolf) on Bringer Of Dreams; Dan Palmer (Zebra Head, Death By Stereo) on Out Of The Dark and a big plus in Zak Stevens (ex-Savatage, Circle II Circle) on Forces Of Light and Tragedian become a different band with Stevens but this is hardly a surprise.

The CD version includes two bonus tracks in Crying In The Rain a duet version with Jules Down and this is another case where the vocals are found wanting and would have been better left on the cutting room floor plus a radio edit of Forces Of The Light. I wanted to like the album, I really did, but the problems with the singer will not allow the band to become a player in the power metal world.

Seven Dimensions track list

  1. Rising Rage (4:19)
  2. Aloneness (4:04)
  3. Out Of The Dark (3:43) (1st guitar solo Dan Palmer & backing vocals from Jules Down & Samantha Sylvia),
  4. Darkest Of My Days (3:42)
  5. Bringer Of Dreams (5:35) (vocals featuring Wade Black),
  6. Crying In The Rain (4:48) (Backing vocals Featuring Jules Down)
  7. Enlightened (5.01)

Bonus Tracks :

  1.  Crying In The Rain (4:49) (duet version featuring Jules Down)
  2. Forces Of The Light (4:50) (full orchestra version featuring Zak Stevens)