April 7, 2023

Transworld Identity is a new female led hard rock band from Finland made up by a seasoned team of musicians and the stunning vocalist Mila Bosa who has made the transition from covers band to fronting a superior rock band with ease. She is perfectly accompanied by Mika Lamminsivu on guitar, Lacu Lahtinen on drums and father and son team Juha Kinnunen and Kasperi Kinnunen on keyboards and bass respectively.

There is a most vibrant rock scene in Finland and Lahtinen has history with Hanoi Rocks, Michael Monroe’s solo group and the band Popeda which was a typically quirky Finnish rock band well admired by the locals and Lamminsivu also played with Michael Monroe and the bands Baby Green and Technical Justice. The elder Kinnunen has also played with fellow Finnish artists Muska Babitzin, Marco Hietala and Ryan Roxie and the musical genes have very much been passed onto son Kasperi who is a talented instrumentalist as well as a member of Metallileka. Finland may have a small population but the country definitely punches above its weight in the rock firmament with live music being a staple of the club and dance scenes which has led to the development of so many experienced musicians.

Seven Worlds is the bands most accomplished debut which shows a clever and tight classic melodic/AOR band with a great selection of radio friendly melodious songs and they can also rock big style when they ramp up the power. Mature and compelling, Transworld Identity have released a neat rock album that puts a large smile on your face and soon has you singing along in unison.

Seven Worlds

  1. Everything Must Burn (4:21)
  2. Play & Pretend (3:50)
  3. I’m Such A Liar (3:55)
  4. Part Maroon, Part Indigo (3:56)
  5. Time (4:18), Starchild (4:22)
  6. Seven Worlds (3:59)
  7. In For The Long Haul (4:13)
  8. Livin’ On The Run (4:16)
  9. I Never Lost My Faith (4:09)
  10. Roseate (4:16)