October 9, 2022

To continue in the theme that French bands love their music to be eclectic, provocative and challenging then we now come to Tranzat, a band formed in Brest in 2015 with the deliciously tongue-in-cheek titled Ouh La La which is the bands third and definitely most ambitious album to date.

One factor that is immediately noticeable is that these guys love to have fun with their music in very much the same way that Evil Scarecrow do with black/thrash metal then Tranzat do it with progressive metal and this love of parody/fun follows on with the videos too which can be seen with the wonderful and crazy Lobster Beaujolais. Indeed, if your subject matters include a crazy Dracula, fugitive lobsters, pillow fights and washing machines then you know that the band has eschewed the cerebral route.

All that apart, the band most definitely takes the music very seriously so that even if the subject matter is amusing then the playing is most definitely not as what we have here is thoughtful, intense and challenging progressive metal. In truth, you could substitute the name for Devin Townsend, and I doubt very few would notice the difference as Tranzat and Townsend seem to have pretty much the same remit and ethic.

The band comprises Manuel Liegard on guitar and vocals, Benjamin Arbellot on guitar, Nicolas Galakhoff on bass and Thomas Coïc on drums and together they produce a perfectly balanced progressive metal with black metal at the core making this a truly crushing rock album albeit with a jolly smile to add a tempering touch. The vocals are wonderfully metal with inspirational moments of guitar mayhem that take your breath away contrasting with sublimely harmonious passages full of wonder and emotion.

Ouh La La is one of those albums where you simply do not know what is to come next which keeps you attentive and totally engaged despite long passages where all you want to do is headbang! If you are into Devin Townsend, Leprous and even Meshuggah then you are going to love Tranzat.

Ouh La La

  1. Shall We Dance (3:57)
  2. Lobster Beaujolais (5:37)
  3. Mr. Awesome (6:40)
  4. Climbing Tibetan Mountains to Learn the Secrets of the Mind (5:42)
  5. Lord Dranula (5:00)
  6. Morning Glories (6:44)
  7. My Dear Washer (5:35)
  8. Pillow Fight (6:16)
  9. Global Warning (8:44)