April 22, 2022

Treat is another in a very long list of rock groups coming out of Sweden having formed in 1981 with The Endgame being the band’s ninth studio album to date; maybe not the most prolific band out there but they can always be relied on to release high quality hard rocking albums that sit rather comfortably somewhere between melodic and hard rock. The early career of the band was rather spectacular but 1993 saw the group disband after the original vocalist had left and the couple of years with his replacement proved to be rather turbulent with the fans simply drifting away. They also seemed to have plenty of bands members leaving and then returning in those early years which must have hampered band and career development or continuity, however, compilation album that sold well helped to bring the musicians back together and they reformed in 2005 with two original members and the others being long standing former members. There have been very few changes since then although bassist Nalle Påhlsson left the band in 2012 only to return in 2019 so the team that has brought us all of the comeback albums has been very stable indeed and this has helped result in some exceptional releases not least being 2018’s Tunguska. Today, they line-up with Robert Ernlund on lead vocals, Anders Wikström on guitar, Jamie Borger on drums, Nalle Påhlsson on bass and Patrick Appelgren on keyboards.

The Endgame continues the excellence that Treat has always shown and is the typical heavy rock album with AOR sensibilities that has worked so well for the band in the past. They play their own brand of melodic rock which will appeal to all fans of bands like Toto, Def Leppard, Danger Danger and Harem Scarem but everything here is 100% Treat. Much of the bands distinctive sound is built around the classic voice of Robert Ernlund and his most pleasing powerful vocals are soul infused so that he handles hard rock and expressive ballads with equal aplomb. Another key ingredient in the band’s core sound is guitarist Anders Wikström as he lays down some exciting riffs and killer guitar solos that are so precise, warm and beautifully controlled. Nalle Påhlsson settles comfortably back into his relationship with Jamie Borger and the drum and bass paring combine so perfectly and helps to ensure that former bassist Pontus Egberg is not unduly missed. Patrick Appelgren lays down exquisite keyboards which are lush and rich and his simple piano refrains are elegantly beautiful and add so much to the cultured sound that the band produces. Most of the musicians sing too which means that the album features an array of gorgeous backing vocals and vocal harmonies with all the usual expected hooks helping to give the material its usual radio friendliness.

There are many hard melodic rock bands currently battling for you hard earned money and Treat are always in an advantageous position as they write and deliver perfect rock albums which are always so crisp, clear and well produced for which praise should also be heaped upon producer Peter Mansson who continues his collaboration with the band which also includes previous albums Ghost Of Graceland and Tunguska.

If you are new to Treat or simply looking for a new blistering melodic rock album then this is an excellent place to begin, play and enjoy.

The Endgame

  1. Freudian Slip (4:03)
  2. Rabbit Hole (4:04)
  3. Sinbiosis (4:40)
  4. Home Of The Brave (4:10)
  5. Both Ends Burning (5:59)
  6. My Parade (4:28)
  7. Wake Me When It’s Over (4:17)
  8. Jesus From Hollywood (4:44)
  9. Magic (4:10)
  10. Carolina Reaper (3:50)
  11. Dark To Light (4:31)
  12. To The End Of Love (6:17)