October 6, 2021

Tri State Corner is a rather intriguing heavy rock band made up by musicians from Greece, Poland and Germany and seems to be one of the few metal bands that incorporate the Bouzouki (Greek lute) in their armoury.

Formed around 13 years ago, they have a number of albums to their name with Hero being their fifth and, apparently, the final part of a trilogy which began with Historia (2011) and continued with Home (2014). The combined albums tell the story of a migrant seeking fame and fortune which is eventually gained despite many adversities along the way and is very much the band’s comment of the ways of the world that we live in! I haven’t heard the two previous albums so cannot comment on how they story arc progresses as my last dealings with this band were with Ela Na This, their debut which was released in 2008.

Tri-State Corner mainly sing in English with occasional passages in Greek with the Bouzouki adding a certain lightness to the sound of the music which can be dark and heavy at times which reflects the incisive lyrics. Singer Vassilios ‘Lucky’ Maniatopoulos is impressive with his clear, precise and accent free delivery and he may also be known to you as the drummer with German power metal band, Rage. Fellow members are Ioannis Maniatopoulos on the Bouzouki/vocals, Markuz Berger on bass, Christos Efthimiadis on drums and Christoph Tkocz on guitar.

Stereotype is an excellent rock album with a tale to tell and played impeccably by a talented team of musicians. The music is mainly heavy but contains much melody and lighter tones courtesy of the Bouzouki which gives them a sound unlike any other rock band and, therefore, deserving of attention.

Stereotype track list

  1. Stereotype
  2. No Empathy
  3. Run Away
  4. Pride Before A Fall
  5. Green Eyed Monster
  6. Another Man’s Life
  7. Morbid Fascination
  8. Deadly Sin
  9. Hypocrisia
  10. Wall Of Lies
  11. Panic Buying
  12. Schemer