October 8, 2022

The Italian power metal band Trick Or Treat has come a long way since it was formed in 2002 initially as a Helloween tribute act but the humour and fun that they put into the music soon led to a fanbase clamouring for original music and it was then that Trick Or Treat really became the band we all know and love today.

There has always been something a little special about the band as the fun element remains and is often seen in the songs and subject matter which was especially highlighted in the two themed albums based around Richard Adams novel Watership Down with 2012’s Rabbit’s Hill Pt1 and Pt 2 following in 2016. Both albums featured a host of special guests from the metal world and even saw a cover of Art Garfunkel’s Bright Eyes which is an amazing song especially when done as an anthemic power metal track! They followed this spectacular work with two equally brilliant albums, both with thought provoking concepts, with Re-Animated in 2018 and The Legend Of The XII Saints in 2020 and now we get to the eagerly anticipated album number seven with Creepy Symphonies.

Again, there is a theme to the record being the story behind the trials, tribulations and horrors in the dark side of our culture from cyber bullying through to the destruction of the environment. Buy the album to get the full story but if you are a long-time fan then you will know what to expect from a band with a little tongue-in-cheek shock horror aligned with stunning vocals and wonderful musical interplay that brings to bring the imagery to life. The group has always maintained a relatively stable line up with three original members remaining in Alessandro Conti on vocals, Guido Benedetti on guitar and Leone Villani Conti on bass with drummer Luca Setti and guitarist Luca Venturelli joining in 2011 and 2014 respectively. Alessandro Conti is a great vocalist with a beautifully clean and powerful voice that is most eminently suitable for power metal with just the merest hint of an Italian accent that adds a real warmth and a charm to his delivery that is most appealing. The twin guitars give a real power with riff after riff and storming solos which emphasise just what a team Bemedetti and Venturelli make with great bass work from Conti and Setti yet again showing that he is a real powerhouse with his huge drumming that drives the beast that is Trick Or Treat onwards.

The whole album is crazy and over the top for sure but then so is the whole power metal genre and if you are already a fan of bands like Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray and Sabaton then you really should really be adding Trick Or Treat to your list of musical must haves. The band is rapidly approaching that other behemoth, Rhapsody Of Fire, in terms of immense, huge and stunning power metal and it is great to see two such influential bands coming from Italy and making such statement in the rock world. Creepy Symphony grabs you by the neck and never let’s go as the band subjects you to a monstrous slab of power metal that reaches such a tremendous climax with the immense and monumental near 12-minute closing track The Power Of Grayskull.

Wow, you have to take a deep breath after the last note fades away, what a ride!

Creepy Symphonies

  1. Trick Or Treat (1:07)
  2. Creepy Symphony (4:39)
  3. Have a Nice Judgement Day (4:32)
  4. Crazy (4:17)
  5. Peter Pan Syndrome (Keep Alive) (4:43)
  6. Escape from Reality (4:01)
  7. Falling Over the Rainbow (4:10)
  8. Queen of Likes (4:41)
  9. April (4:10)
  10. The Power of Grayskull (11:43)