March 11, 2022

Tristan Harder is the vocalist and guitarist with the German power metal band Terra Atlantica, a band which has released a couple of gloriously over the top masterpieces of power/symphonic metal.

Drifting Insanity is Harder’s response to COVID cancelling the possibility to tour so he took the simple decision that if he could not tour then he would record a solo album plus he had been compiling songs over the years and this just seemed the perfect opportunity to record them. Of course, being the brains behind Terra Atlantica then it should come as no real surprise that his new vehicle, Twilight Theatre, would very much follow the same style, sound and delivery of his main band.

Not only if Tristan Harder a wonderful singer but he is also an amazing multi-instrumentalist too and he plays guitar, bass and keyboards as well as singing and arranging the drum programming. He has also brought in Robin Kelka and Finn Harders to provide the extensive vocals harmonies throughout the album with guest vocals from Tomi Fooler (SkeleToon) and a guitar solo from Gabriel Tuxen (Seven Thorns) on ‘Save Me from Insanity. Harders again shows that he is a vocalist to be reckoned with and he lays down plenty of impressive guitar riffs and searing breaks too with his keyboards adding a rich tapestry of depth to the proceedings. The programmed drums offer the usual barrage that is trademark power metal and maybe a drum purist would bemoan the fact that they are programmed but most would simply not notice.

The songs are the usual stirring and heroic tales with the usual underlying melody keeping everything clean, fresh and eminently listenable and, as already mentioned, there are superb vocal harmonies throughout which makes this a very special album. The music has distinct orchestral leaning with the music also verging into pirate metal and is great fun and very well written.

Drifting Into Insanity came as an unexpected release and will surely keep all of his fans happy as we await the next Terra Atlantica album and to actually get the band back performing live again would be pretty neat.

Drifting Into Insanity

  1. Entrance (0:31)
  2. The End (5:01)
  3. Open The Gates (4:24)
  4. Rise Against The Tyranny (4:15)
  5. Halls Of Glory (4:44)
  6. Interlude In G# Minor (1:19), Quest Into The Mountains Of Steel (4:46)
  7. When Fairytales Are Gone (5:16)
  8. In The Realms Of Memories (4:19)
  9. Back To Avalon (5:17)
  10. Save Me From Insanity (5:10)
  11. Between The Battles (3:44)