July 25, 2022

Los Angeles, California – Fresh from massive European and US tours with The Pineapple Thief, Symphony X and Haken in the first part of 2022, progressive-rock band, Trope, announces that they are working on the follow-up album to their 2021 release, Eleutheromania.

“As soon as the last show in New Jersey with Symphony X and Haken was done, we got to work,” says Moonhead, guitarist, co-writer and producer. “Our first album was a taste of our influences on display, and this album will be more of that but with a lot more music. We have lots to talk about in the music also, we have grown as musicians and as people.”

Diana Studenberg, co-writer and singer, says, “the tours we did set in motion for us a commitment to exploration and excellence. We will attempt to achieve that on this coming album.”

No name for the album has been officially announced, but the duo are batting around a few ideas: “Dyad is a cool name, also Diaspora. We will decide once the music is done and we can look at the album as a whole piece of work,” says Moonhead.

Moonhead will produce, play guitars and bass on the album, with Studenberg doing vocal duties.

At times sounding influenced by Tool, and definitely by all things ’90s alternative, TROPE differs from a lot of these bands with the inclusion of a female vocalist. Diana Studenberg‘s vocals are interesting and evocative, dancing on top of rolling rock riffs or yelping in reverb-soaked pain at the conclusion of an epic tune.

TROPE recorded their debut album Eleutheromania with engineer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Van Halen, Metallica) and mixer David Bottrill (Tool, Muse, Peter Gabriel). Trope guitarist, Moonhead, produced and Ted Jensen (Eagles, Dave Mathews Band, Pantera, AIC) mastered the album.

Will there be any epic contributions from rock royalty on this new album? “We are talking with some people right now about mixing the album, and we are lucky enough to have had some interest from some very talented people,” says Studenberg.

Eleutheromania had a lot of moving parts: this album will be more intimate in who is involved. Still, a very song-focused, as both myself and Diana love great songs. But we will be taking this stuff for a walk, opening up the arrangements and really exploring the time, sonic and format of music. We want to release it in Spring 2023.”

Diana Studenberg – Vocals
Moonhead – Lead Guitarist/Producer
Todd Demma – Bassist
Sasha Seigel – Drummer

TROPE online:

Official Website