April 1, 2024

It’s a real thrill to see rock music coming from areas of the world that we are not normally used to seeing and it shows that, for most of us, our assumption that Europe and the United States is the home of metal is somewhat outdated as developments in South America and the East (be it Middle or Far) have shown just how many amazing musicians there are out there waiting to explode onto the scene.

I must admit that I was thoroughly intrigued and equally impressed when the aggressive progressive metal of the Lebanese band Turbulence first came to my attention and since then there have been so many others including band like Girish And The Chronicles that have shaken my complacency and truly opened my eyes.

The history of Turbulence began in 2013 in 2013 in Matn district in central Lebanon having been put together by Alain Ibrahim (guitar) and Mood Yassin (keyboard) with the debut, Disequilibrium, coming out in 2015 and this confident and anthemic record immediately announced that we had some major league players now in town.

Binary Dream is the band’s brilliant third album and follows on from 2021’s Frontal which showed a team of musicians maturing and developing at an incredible rate and anyone missing out on this essential release should rectify the situation immediately. Binary Dream sees another huge leap forward as the band now fuse the progressive metal of Dream Theater with Opeth, Vanden Plas and Pain Of Salvation to create a new force that is uplifting and gloriously progressive with a core of darkness that both chills and thrills.

Alain Ibrahim is a sensational guitarist who plays a delicious rhythm guitar that adds such melody which he blends with searing leads that are simply divine. The keys of Yassin maintains the melodic standards with swathes of luscious delight whilst Atwe’s bass and Gereige’s drums maintain the intensity with devasting power over which Omar El Hajj lays down a stunning vocal performance and this is one singer with a glorious future ahead of him.

Frontal was a towering concept work about an American railroad worker who survived a serious work-related brain injury and how this affected his personality and behaviour so you can see that this is not a band that writes songs about riding motorcycles down long American highways! Binary Dream takes the band almost into sci-fi territory being the story about a robot’s journey of development and attaining consciousness so the psyche, be it human or artificial, is a theme that permeates throughout their superior, complex songs that run the gamut of emotion.

The music blends from one track to the next in a seamless progressive metal explosion full of intricate musicianship and a deft combination of reflective passages and full-on power that leaves you quite breathless but always wanting more. I actually concluded my review of Frontal by stating that they were not yet at the same class level as Dream Theater, Fates Warning and Transatlantic but that statement is now very much redundant as Turbulence is the real deal and Binary Dream is an amazing, must -have progressive metal delight. 

Binary Dream

  1. Static Mind (1:31)
  2. Theta (5:04)
  3. Time Bridge (1:53)
  4. Manifestations (6:28)
  5. Ternary (4:17)
  6. Binary Dream (17:06)
  7. Hybrid (6:07)
  8. Corrosion (5:45)
  9. Deerosion (3:31)