September 22, 2020

Ty Morn is a band project put together in the UK in 2018 by musician and songwriter Aron Biale, with this debut album being released in 2019, so we are a little late picking up on it. It seems that Biale had written a collection of songs influenced by his love of ’70s and ’80s heavy metal and wanted to pull together a handpicked team of musicians from around the world to bring the project to life. First stop was to recruit Brazilian singer Raphael Gazal (Bulletback, Leviathan), and he performs on all nine songs with a further eight musicians contributing parts that make up the whole. Aron Biale provides bass, rhythm guitar, keyboards and orchestration with drums from Per Mikkelsen and organ from Eugene Moiseienko. The lead guitar contributions are numerous being from Eric Maldonado, Rafael Sequera, Simon Cacace, Raphael Gazal, Federico Tarquini, Greg Studley and Yam Levi. 

As a songwriter, Biale wears his heart on his sleeve, but this is intentional as is his homage to his roots – so there are elements of the old school from Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Dio alongside the newer bands in Firewind, Dragonforce and Freedom Call. It is nice to see that Biale is content to take a back seat and allow the others to shine, and it is Raphael Gazal that shines brightest of all with his wonderful power and vocal range. He is another of the pretenders to the crown of the immortal Ronnie James Dio, and I’m certain that his is a name that we will see more and more of. The guitar work is incredible yet is never overblown, just glorious riffs and wonderful breaks and a retro sound than takes you back to those heady days when metal ruled the airwaves. The songs are tales of myth and fantasy with everything brought to life by some incredible performances. It can sometimes be easy for projects like this to descend into parody, but Aron Biale has neatly avoided this trap to produce one hell of a heavy metal album. Work is already ongoing on album two and I await this eagerly – but it is going to have to go some to surpass this quality rock debut.