September 9, 2019

After the news of Angel Witch coming back, now, another cult band from the NWOBHM age is also releasing a new album, called Ritual. It is the Tygers’ 12th full-length release and it will hit the streets on November 22nd through Mighty Music. The album was recorded at ex-Tygers’ guitarist Fred Purser’s studio in Newcastle Upon Tyne and mixing and additional production was again conducted by Soren Andersen, most recently known for his role as Glenn Hughes’ guitarist.

Only remaining original member Robb Weir, sounds confident: “Every album you set out to create is special. Ritual is just that bit extra special! It’s taken two studio postponements, but we now have the right result…..a claw ripping, gigantic sabre tooth Tyger kind of an album which you’re gonna love! Don’t be shy to say you think it’s the best…. because it is!”

The release will be preceded by the single White Lines on 12” vinyl, the ‘b’ side of which celebrates 40 years since the release of the first Tygers single Don’t Touch Me There with Fred Purser and Soren Andersen joining the band on guitar.

Check out the full tracklist ot Ritual, as well as the UK tour dates planned.

1. Worlds Apart

2. Destiny

3. Rescue Me

4. Raise Some Hell

5. Spoils of War

6. White Lines

7. Words Cut Like Knives

8. Damn You!

9. Love Will Find A Way

10. Art of Noise

11. Sail On

UK tour dates

22 November 2019 La Belle Angele Edinburgh, Scotland

23 November 2019 Nordic Noise UK, Think Tank Newcastle, England

24 November 2019 Yardbirds Grimsby, England

25 November 2019 Eleven Stoke On Trent, England

28 November 2019 Tivoli Buckley, England

29 November 2019 Apollo Bar & Venue Scarborough, England

30 November 2019 WinterStorm Troon, Scotland