November 30, 2019

New York based hard rock band Tyketto formed back in 1987 and released a couple of good albums before falling victim to the rise of grunge. This limited their possibilities as they were deemed unfashionable which ultimately led to the demise of the band in 1996. However, they reformed in 2004 for a reunion tour the same year which they then repeated in 2007 and this led to the full scale return of the band. This stop-start career had meant that their studio output has hardly been prolific and they have so far released five albums and all are very fine rock albums indeed.  They had an original line-up of Danny Vaughn of vocals, Brooke St. James on guitar, Jimi Kennedy on bass and Michael Clayton Arbeeny on drums. These days just Danny Vaughn and Michael Clayton Arbeeny remain with Chris Green on guitar, Ged Rylands on keyboards and Greg Smith on bass completing the band. Tyketto like to add a little bump and grind to their heavy rock which gives them a distinct swagger and they play with a panache and sheer joy that readily transfers to the listener and puts a beaming smile on your face.

Vaughn gives another perfect performance and he is truly a man born for the centre stage position and what a voice he has. He is ably supported by a close knit band on which Green shines with his guitar work that takes your breath away. The band seems to be in hard work mode at the moment so let’s hope there is a new studio album on the horizon but, in the meantime, this live album is a welcome release and shows the band has retained all of their fire and energy. As the name implies, Strength In Numbers Live is exactly that as they celebrate the 25th anniversary of their second album by playing it in full on their tour of the UK earlier in the year. They have shaken up the album so it is not played in record order and they have included a bonus track in the set Wait Forever which was a ‘B’ side to the single release of The End Of Summer Days, a nice touch and fits in beautifully with the rest of the material. Vaughn enjoys some witty banter with audience and gives a little insight into band life which enhances the live experience tremendously.

In many ways, this release should be viewed alongside the Live From Milan CD/DVD package from 2017 which saw the band perform their first album, Don’t Come Easy, in its entirety. Tyketto show that they are masters of the live stage and just how good their early material was, how different could their career have been under if the music climate in the ’90s was different? Great band, great album and now for that overdue studio album please…