December 11, 2021

I’m sure we all know this by now but U.D.O. is a German heavy metal band that was formed by the vocalist Udo Dirkschneider in 1987 after he had left fellow German metal band Accept. Since then, Dirkschneider he has carved out a huge and spectacular career for himself and his new band and has truly earned and is fully deserving of his now legendary status. There is big, there is huge and then there is U.D.O. and nothing is bigger than that!

Udo and his band have always released quality heavy rock albums with a sound pitched somewhere between Judas Priest and Accept and you always know that you are going to get hard rock satisfaction. Game Over is now studio album number 17 and many musicians have come and gone over the years but Dirkschneider has a template and he knows what he wants from his music and his musicians and they have always responded to his call to make the music loud, proud and intense. He always adds a pleasing ballad or two but, in the main, his remit has always been to rock it big style with confidence and a strutting arrogance. After all, he is the master, it is his world and he can simply do no wrong! Dirkschneider has one of the most instantly recognisable voices in rock with a deep and delicious register that can raise Halford like into heavy metal screams and then drop into the dark and dangerous regions populated by the likes of the much missed Alex Harvey and the power of Brian Johnson.

The latest variation of the band sees him joined by Andrey Smirnov and Fabian Dee Dammers on guitars with Tilen Hudrap on bass and Sven Dirkschneider on drums and the classic twin pronged guitar attack ensures that you get a staggering array of riffs and solos over which Udo gives his usual captivating vocal performance. He is one of those singers whose voice never falters or wavers and I always get the impression that he will still be recording and touring in 50 years time and still having a great time. He always gives great value too with the album featuring a 16-tracks and with a run time of 69-minutes the you know you are getting the maximum bang for your money. Quality control, as usual, remains impeccable with a great production job ensuring that each and every track is as relevant, vibrant and ass kicking as the last one and after all this time Udo certainly knows what his fans want and he always ensures that they are happy and in Game Over we have another classic album that follows on very comfortably from 2018’s Steelfactory. In truth, you know exactly what you are going to get when you hear a new album by Udo Dirkschneider as this is a man who has mastered the dark art of supplying hard rock for the masses and the fact that he keeps it simple and uncomplicated has meant that he always has and always will be a relevant force in the metal world.

Simply give the fans 100% commitment, hard and fast vocals, pounding drums and bass and guitars, guitars, guitars! See, it’s easy but do not forget to add the special magical touch that legends like Udo Dirkschneider always sprinkle liberally around. I do not think I have ever heard an album with 16-tracks of epic metal with each and every one capable of being a standard bearer for the genre, just listen to the last track, Metal Damnation, to hear a song destined to have fans pumping the air in a pure heavy metal frenzy and then acknowledge that you have just listened to a genius at work.

Game Over

  1. Fear Detector (4:20)
  2. Holy Invaders (3:26)
  3. Prophecy (4:41)
  4. Empty Eyes (3:52)
  5. I See Red (3:16)
  6. Metal Never Dies (5:06)
  7. Kids And Guns (4:07)
  8. Like A Beast (5:02)
  9. Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye (4:12)
  10. Unbroken (4:13)
  11. Marching Tank (5:06)
  12. Thunder Road (4:04)
  13. Midnight Stranger (5:29)
  14. Speed Seeker (4:34)
  15. Time Control (4:16)
  16. Metal Damnation (4:01)