September 9, 2022

It’s a dream come true, to finally hear the legendary metal god Udo Dirkschneider covering My Way, the song forever associated with the incomparable Frank Sinatra, surely the greatest entertainer ever. Really, you do not need to know any more as the album is worth the money alone for this inspired piece of song selection! Wonderfully titled My Way this new album sees the legendary Udo Dirkschneider screaming through 17 rather diverse and most popular songs that have all been given the special Udo treatment. Some were made for Udo to cover whilst others are complete game changers and hats off to the man for throwing in several curve balls that must have surprised everyone on the planet.

Photo: Manfred Jasmund

Of course, one of the problems with an album of covers is whether to stay faithful to the original version of to make it into something entirely different but the decision in this case was rather easy as they were only ever going to be covered the Udo way. The former Accept vocalist is currently in a rich vein of form and the records keep coming thick and fast and this real titan of metal never disappoints. What makes it even more incredible is that he turned 70 on 6th April yet still has the energy and zest for life as a teenager and it feels as though it was only yesterday that he was one of the founders of the German ever-present that is Accept. Since then, he has very much done it his way and brought pleasure to countless millions in the process and what better way than to celebrate the landmark birthday than with a trawl through the history of music especially music that he has grown up with.

Quickly scan the track list to see the delights in store with a host of metal standard being given that special Udo hallmark but there are some most interesting songs covered too which gives an indication of what the great man has been listening to over the years. Udo Dirkschneider is not a man to follow trends or change his style to chase an audience as his ethic seems to be ‘I’m Udo and I rock’ and that has stood him in great stead for the last 70-years and my he never change. This is an album of covers with a swagger and attitude and whether he is performing the Sweet, Ike & Tina Turner or Led Zeppelin songs he always does it his way and it works, big time. To hear him and his excellent band covering the likes of The Scorpions, Judas Priest, Alex Harvey and The Rolling Stones is a real blast, and you can tell that he and his band had a great time during the recording process. The recordings crackle with a real electricity as Udo pours as much love and emotion as he can (and that’s a hell of a lot) into records that have meant so much to him over the years. What does appear to be an interesting fact is that Udo sings Wolfheim’s Kein Zurück in his native German which, apparently, is the first time that he has ever recorded in his own language which seems bizarre as he sounds tremendous, and I hope we get more of him singing in German.

Sometimes a covers album is a lazy affair or shows a band going through the contractual motions, but Udo Dirkschneider shows how it should be done with skill, pride and passion! The band is on great from with the usual guitar pyrotechnics and several guests as well, but this is a personal album and really is the Udo show. The album closes with the previously mentioned ‘My Way’, the circle is complete, and Udo has made his statement and mark in the world of metal.

What a talent. What an entertainer. What a man.

My Way

  1.  Faith Healer (Alex Harvey) (4:58)
  2. Fire (Crazy World Of Arthur Brown) (3:11)
  3. Sympathy (Uriah Heep) (4:32)
  4. They Call It Nutbush (Tina Turner) (2:14)
  5. Man On The Silver Mountain (Rainbow) (4:18)
  6. Hell Raiser (The Sweet) (3:18)
  7. No Class (Motörhead) (2:39)
  8. Rock And Roll (Led Zeppelin) (3:55)
  9. The Stroke (Billy Squier) (3:53)
  10. Paint It Black (Edit Version) (4:29)
  11. He’s A Woman, She’s A Man (The Scorpions) (3:18)
  12. T.N.T. (AC/DC) (3:46)
  13. Jealousy (Frankie Miller) (5:39)
  14. Hell Bent For Leather (Judas Priest) (2:43)
  15. We Will Rock You (Queen) (3:12)
  16. Kein Zurück (Wolfsheim) (4:07)
  17. My Way (Frank Sinatra (4:35)