August 22, 2022

Until 9 is a relatively new rock band from Sheffield made up by Paul Johnson on vocals and guitar, Tom Spendlove on guitar, Kevin Smith on bass and Mark Greenwood on drums.

Until 9 play and a furious hard rock with a sound similar to Seething Akira with vocals that incorporate clean, dirty and elements of rap type delivery. They have released a couple of singles to date with Look At Me Now being the band’s debut EP which features 23-minutes of furiously delivered slabs of hard hitting rock split across six diverse songs that engage immediately.

The musicians are stalwarts of the Sheffield scene but only came together as Until 9 is 2020 and specialise in heavy riffs with searing lyrics that detail all that is wrong with our current society. You can definitely file this release under ‘angry young men’ and it is great to hear musicians making political comments as I was starting to think that protest singers were very much a thing of the past.

This is rock with a level of punk outrage but there is great skill and a huge amount of ability here as perfectly shown on the exquisite Skin which shows that there are very many facets to this band. Definitely one to keep a watch on.

Check out Until 9 on their Facebook page.

Look At Me Know

  1. Masochist (3:55)
  2. Look At Me Now (3:38)
  3. Gallows (4:30), Pigs (3:58)
  4. Skin (4:26)
  5. Headstone (3:18)