March 6, 2022

Not a name I have come across before but Urgent is a melodic hard rock band formed in Grenoble in France and not to be confused with the relatively short lived American melodic rock band of the same name.

The band was founded in the late ’90s by two brothers in Yvan Quiblier (lead vocals) and Steff Rabilloud (guitars, keyboards and vocals) with Didier Teixeira (bass and vocals), Yves Delelo (drums) and David Petrone (guitar) with Petrone being replaced by Pierre Caci in 2015. Urgent has hardly been prolific as this is only the third album in a career spanning some twenty years with the previous two albums being released a number of years back with Out Of Time in 2005 and Asylum in 2011 so Point Of No Return is far more than well overdue!

The band is very much influenced by ’80s melodic metal and delivers a most pleasing hard rock based on thumping bass and drums with lots of riffs and guitar runs with everything having that underlying melody to maintain control and to limit any metal excesses. Yvan Quiblier has a pleasing rock voice with a hint of a charming French accent which adds just a little mystery to the band and ensures that they have their own individual and unique sound. As usual, there are the expected vocal harmonies and strong choruses which help to ensure that the music is very friendly on the ear and immediately accessible. Urgent has a sound akin to Krokus and Gotthard although there are plenty of other influences in there too.

Urgent will never be the premier melodic rock band in the world but they write delicious songs and deliver them with aplomb with plenty of great guitar and a most interesting vocalist which makes the album well worth checking out.

Point Of No Return

  1. Moon Is Rising (4:57)
  2. Silence (4:00)
  3. Now Or Never (3:13)
  4. Reach For The Skies (4:19)
  5. Meets The Eyes (4:44)
  6. Little By Little (3:05)
  7. One Last Ride (4:27)
  8. Rise Up (3:58)
  9. Ivory Tower (3:36)
  10. Tell Us A Lie 2021 (4:35)
  11. The Wild And The Young 2021 (3:40)