May 2, 2021

US prog metal band Intentional Trainwreck release Single/Video for Basilisk’s Gaze. Song taken from band’s forthcoming album Smokestack of Souls (to be released on June 5th, 2021).

The song is available on the band’s Spotify or Bandcamp. Check out the lyric video below.

Pete Lesko – Vocals, guitars, says: “This one is a bit more of a light hearted track focused on playing D&D. It was one of the earliest adventures I played with my current DM, where I played a lizard folk druid that was hunting basilisks. There are a couple of other various incidents that have happened at other games that I worked into the chorus too. At one particular game, someone rolled a twenty sided die, a regular occurrence in the game, and rolled a 20, considered the best roll. Immediately after the die stopped rolling, I guess the chair just felt like giving up that day and the whole thing just completely split apart out from underneath him. He felt like it was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to him in his entire life but for me I just couldn’t stop laughing. I thought it would be fun to include that in the song.”

…is a progressive metal outfit from the east coast in the USA. IT’s highly dynamic compositions apply superior technicality with a strong energetic and charged approach to extremely interesting music. Despite the high-level of musicianship behind the band, the songs all have grooves that even untrained listeners will be able to enjoy and crank up! Intentional Trainwreck‘s complexity is only rivalled by its creativity and originality. The sound is aggressive and assertive while moving seamlessly through a whirlwind of rhythms, solos and mesmerizing passages. Instrumentation is primarily electric guitar, electric bass, drums and vocal overlays. Listeners of metal, fusion and rock, this is for you!

Who is Intentional Trainwreck?
Intentional Trainwreck was co-founded by masterminds Pete Lesko and Patrick Gaffney in 2015. As this combination of expertise developed, the necessary session and live performers were brought in to accomplish the band’s recording and gigging goals. The diversity of talents involved have made Smokestack of Souls an essential listening experience.

Pete Lesko – Vocals, guitars
Pete Lesko was trained in classical guitar with the renowned Bruce Casteel and has been playing various musical instruments for over 30 years. Specializing in creating sonic walls of destruction, in the evenings he feasts upon the flesh of the slain. Influenced by classical, metal, jazz, and electronic music, he tends to have particularly eclectic musical tendencies. Previous work includes Turbomatic, Tolerance for Tragedy, Isenmor, and Existentium.

Patrick Gaffney – Drums
Patrick Gaffney was raised by wolves and plays with fire. He’s a spaz like most drummers and eats weird time signatures for breakfast. He has been influenced by jazz-fusion, rusty metal, and Afro-Indian beats but plays with a uniquely original style. His name is well-known in the progressive rock arena as a founding member of prog-giant Deluge Grander, founder/co-leader of the visionary aggressor Cerebus Effect, and drummer on 2/3 of the Chaos Code discography.

Guest/studio musicians: bassists Mike Galway, Tony Prevara, vocalist Richard David.

After releasing one full-length demo, Intentional Trainwreck played a flurry of performances ranging from local clubs to benefit concerts. Following this success, Pete and Patrick began working on new material which eventually was compiled into what has become an exceptionally strong recording endeavour. These new tracks show a drastically improved production profile and, of course, the band continued to advance their musicianship.

With the onset of the 2020 pandemic, it forced the band to postpone playing any additional dates. Since the onset of this horrible showstopper, Intentional Trainwreck has continued to record songs and create videos. The 9-song album, Smokestack Of Souls, is ready to be released to the masses. And, one day they will be back in your hometown!