April 21, 2020

Death metal institution Vader are entering their 37th year of existence with a lot of confidence and hunger. Well – the first can be easily explained: after all, they have been on the top of their game with each of their 11 studio albums of original songs. So where does the hunger come from, so late in their career?

Everyone who has witnessed at least one live show of these guys, can say that Vader is no ordinary band. The devotion, stage presence and performances with maniacal precision are what has become THE raison d’être of band leader Peter and the three other exceptional musicians who have been helping him on this mission for the last 9 years.

Solitude In Madness will be released on May 1st, in the midst of some of the darkest times we have ever witnessed. However, the band’s and label’s decision to not push back the release date deserves admiration. Now, we need our preferred medicine most. You know what I am talking about – total oldschool death metal of the highest possible quality. An escape from reality if you will. 11 new songs in under 30 minutes indeed sounds like a statement of intent from Vader. They flow one into the other as a merciless onslaught upon the ears of the unprepared. Opener Shock And Awe alone is an encapsulation of the very essence of Vader into 2:16 minutes. What a hammer! Check out the YouTube guitar play through video – insane! Incineration Of The Gods (great title) storms with an oldschool thrash riff, bringing to mind vintage Sodom, while And Satan Wept delivers one of the most creative guitar hooks the band has ever composed. There is the occasional tempo build-up here and there, but overall, Solitude In Madness is a monolith block of hyper-speed death metal brutality.

The fantastic cover artwork by Wes Benscoter simply demands possessing this on vinyl and one can only hope that we will be lucky to see the band live in the not-so-distant future. Well done guys. Well done!


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