December 30, 2023

I imagine that in secret laboratories across the world teams of scientists are working to crack the enigma of time-travel but they could save themselves a great deal of time simply by buying either of the two Vambo albums and they will find themselves immediately back in the 1970s!

Vambo is a British hard rock 4-piece comprising vocalist Jack Stiles, guitarist Pete Lance, bassist James Scott and drummer David Flitt and together they have created an outstanding retro rock sound that has all the hallmarks of the early ’70s allied with the perfect studio and recording techniques of the modern studio to release a quite outstanding hard rock delight.

There is no plagiarism here, just honest to goodness hard and heavy music that rocks, stuts and boogies straight into your brain. The guys do not look old enough but I’m sure they must have heard bands like Stray, Strapps, Mott The Hoople and Widowmaker as their second album falls very neatly into the heavy but slightly glam infused old-school metal arena and all starts to make more sense when you find out that the album was produced by the former Mud and Hollies Bassist Ray Stiles and I’m sure he has greatly influenced the band.

Jack Styles is an outstanding vocalist with a sound similar to a young Bob Catley but there is also something of Freddie Mercury there too so when he cranks up the power you really sit up and take notice. Scott and Flitt are a powerful and intense pairing and a real powerhouse too with Pete Lance laying down plenty of riffs in a Mick Ralphs/Ariel Bender fashion and if that doesn’t excite then nothing ever will.

This is infection music high on energy and passion that packs a bigger punch than a heavyweight on steroids and if you have ever wondered why us older rock fans prefer our metal from yesteryear then listen to Vambo and wonder no more as this is one of the best albums you will have heard this year.


  1. Minute Of Madness (3:22)
  2. Love, Sin and Fire (3:41)
  3. Sweet Christine (3:38)
  4. Hey Willy (3:57)
  5. Take My Hand (4:11)
  6. Shake It Woman (3:26)
  7. Worlds Collide (Struggle for Power) (3:35)
  8. Holy Lights (4:29)
  9. This Is Your Life )3:02)
  10. Oh (4:45)
  11. Love Candy (3:01)
  12. Shadows (4:24)