November 16, 2020

Vanish is a German power/progressive metal band which formed in 2000 and now has produced three rather excellent metal albums with hard and thrashing riffs, huge drums, amazing guitar, great vocals and all within a melodic framework of catchy choruses and hooks aplenty.

It’s now three years since the band released The Insecurity Abstract so this enterprising EP will come at a welcome time for fans of the band especially given that it is the 20th anniversary of its formation. The band is truly blessed to feature the outstanding vocal talents of Bastian Rose and this EP sees the group revisiting several older songs from The Insecurity Abstract but with the addition of guest vocalists singing with Rose to give a different insight to the band. This is still the band we know but with an exciting difference with The Pale King introducing the bombshell that is Alicja Mroczka – and a song knows that it has been sung when she gives it everything she has. Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens features on We Become What We Are and there are very few singers around with his power and might. New guitarist Ben Galster gets to add dark vocals and some growls to Disbelief and the mighty Ralf Scheepers comes in on The Grand Design – plus there is a ‘new’ track in Heaven And Hell which is the band’s tribute to Dio and Black Sabbath, and they give a different interpretation to the song rather than producing a facsimile of the great song; it works really well with just orchestration and simple piano.

Hopefully, the new album is not too far away but this simply perfect metal EP will do very well until it is released.

Altered Insanity EP track list

  1. The Pale King (feat. Alicja Mroczka) (3:50)
  2. We Become What We Are (feat. Tim Ripper Owens) 6:00)
  3. Disbelief (feat. Ben Galster) (4:57)
  4. Heaven and Hell – A Tribute to Dio and Black Sabbath (3:33)
  5. The Grand Design (feat. Ralf Scheepers) (7:12)