January 22, 2022

We can only applaud Golden Robot Records for releasing this very fine compilation of new and established talent to help raise awareness of the plight of the people of Myanmar, officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar but more probably remembered as Burma in the UK and it is the largest country in Southeast Asia. The people have been living under a brutal military dictatorship following a coup in February earlier this year after the 2020 elections which saw Aung San Suu Kyi’s party winning majorities in both houses. The widely condemned coup has led to protests in Myanmar and a heavy handed response from the military as well as the arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi being charged with alleged crimes which are all ‘politically motivated’ according to independent observers.

Golden Robot Records has released this digital album to raise awareness of what is happening there with a portion of proceeds going to www.care.org for projects for vulnerable women and girls and will see future collaborations with the organisation set up by the Myanmar world champion in mixed martial arts to help sponsor up and coming athletes. Check the news on TV or the internet to see what is happening out there to the population of around 60m people. The major aim of this release is to raise awareness of the plight of the people and to raise a little money for them in the process as this is a story that is not going to end any time soon.

Rock For Myanmar features 23-tracks for 90-minutes of quality rock music from artists on the Golden Robot label including the likes of Riley’s L.A. Guns, Hot Chelle Rae, Filter, Ella Fence, AshenMoon, Vanilla Fudge, Hookers & Blow, Phil X & The Drills, The Chase, Cormac Neeson, The Crooks, Stonetripand a lot more with a fair number of the bands having already been reviewed by Velvet Thunder.

Check out the tracks below and you will find that the download has something for everyone even a quite good rap track but mostly it is chock full of eclectic rock with Riley’s L.A. Guns kicking it of in spectacular style with the utterly brilliant Lost Boys which is worth the money alone. This is a great way to hear some new, fresh and vibrant music for not a lot of money and also to help a good cause too therefore everyone is a winner!

Rock For Myanmar

  1. Lost Boys – Riley’s L.A. Guns (4:33).
  2. Good Vibes Only – Hot Chelle Rae (2:43).
  3. Streets Of Doom – Dangereens (1:57).
  4. Thoughts And Prayers – Filter (4:31).
  5. Even Ground – Dirty Laces (3:36).
  6. Immigrant Song – Vanilla Fudge (3:20).
  7. Shot In The Dark – Them Guns (4:05).
  8. Right On The Money – Phil X & The Drills (4:45)
  9. Get It On (Bang A Gong)” (Live) – Michael Des Barres And The Mistakes (3:21)
  10. Here Before – Dave Dalton (3:34)
  11. Nevermind – The Crooks (4:46).
  12. Hunter – Ella Fence (3:45).
  13. Without Faith – AshenMoon (5:12).
  14. The Ledge – The Black Skeleton (4:06).
  15. The Jump Off – P.Smurf (4:00).
  16. Trampled Underfoot – Hookers & Blow (6:32).
  17. Soup For My Family – Abertooth Lincoln (4:06).
  18. Rise Up – Fang (2:46).
  19. Do Something Today – Cormac Neeson (3:41).
  20. Double Dole – Scabz (1:46).
  21. Nightmare – Stonetrip (3:53).
  22. Go Back To Canberra – KIDS (4:33).
  23. Set The World To Rights – The Chase (3:34)