January 16, 2020

Lee Vickers

  1. Acid ReignThe Age Of Entitlement (Dissonance)
  2. Oomph!Ritual (Napalm)
  3. Sacred ReichAwakening (Metal Blade)
  4. SoilworkVerkligheten (Nuclear Blast)
  5. SlipknotWe Are Not Your Kind (Roadrunner)
  6. OverkillThe Wings Of War (Nuclear Blast)
  7. Rotting ChristThe Heretic (Seasons Of Mist)
  8. Wednesday 13Necrophaze (Nuclear Blast)
  9. Witch VomitBuried Deep In A Bottomless Grave (20BuckSpin)
  10. Amon AmarthBezerker (Metal Blade)

Steve Pilkington

  1. Mostly AutumnWhite Rainbow (Mostly Autumn Records)
  2. The Far MeadowForeign Land (Bad Elephant Music)
  3. The Tirith – A Leap Into The Dark (Convergent Recordings)
  4. The RoomCaught By The Machine (White Star Records)
  5. IQResistance (Giant Electric Pea)
  6. Chasing The MonsoonNo Ordinary World (Octiive)
  7. Steve HackettAt The Edge Of Light (InsideOut Music)
  8. The Emerald DawnNocturne (World’s End Records)
  9. Gandalf’s FistThe Clockwork Prologue (Nightkeeper Productions)
  10. The Blackheart OrchestraMesmeranto (Esoteric Antenna)

Stoyan Tsonev

  1. Angel WitchAngel Of Light (Metal Blade)
  2. NetherbirdInto The Vast Uncharted (Eisenwald)
  3. TravelerTraveler (Gatesofhellrecords)
  4. InculterFatal Visions (Edged Circle Productions)
  5. The True MayhemDaemon (Century Media)
  6. Sweet Oblivion (ft. Geoff Tate)Sweet Oblivion (Frontiers)
  7. MystikMystik (I Hate)
  8. Sacred ReichAwakening (Metal Blade)
  9. Flotsam & JetsamThe End Of Chaos (AFM Records)
  10. ScreamerHighway Of Heroes (The Sign Records)

Lorne Murphy

  1. Isildur’s Bane & Peter HammillIn Amazonia (Ataraxia Music)
  2. Bent KneeYou Know What They Mean (InsideOut Music)
  3. Marko HietalaMustan Sydämen Rovio (Savonian Rooster/Supersounds Music Oy)
  4. Steve UnruhPrecipice (Bandcamp)
  5. GongThe Universe Also Collapses (Kscope)
  6. Anthony PhillipsStrings Of Light (Esoteric Antenna)
  7. Chester ThompsonSteppin’ (Joyful Noise Inc.)
  8. District 97Screens (MindScan Records)
  9. HuisAbandoned (Unicorn Digital)
  10. IQResistance (Giant Electric Pea)

Paul Whimpenny

  1. Bruce SpringsteenWestern Stars (Colombia)
  2. AvatariumThe Fire I Long For (Nuclear Blast)
  3. CandlemassThe Door To Doom (Avalon Label)
  4. Red BoxChase The Setting Sun (Right Track)
  5. Osmo Vanska /Minnesota OrchestraMaher Symphony 1 (Bis)
  6. Amon AmarthBeserker (Metal Blade)
  7. MantraMedium (Finisterian Dead End)
  8. Mark WilkinsonBlue Eyed Girls (Mark Wilkinson)
  9. Giant DwarfGiant Dwarf (Sound Effect Records)
  10. SpidergawdSpidergawd V (Crispin Glover Records)

Graeme Stroud

  1. Sari SchorrNever Say Never (Manhaton Records)
  2. Cats In SpaceDay Trip To Narnia (Harmony Factory)
  3. George Benson – Walking To New Orleans (Provogue Records)
  4. Imperial JadeOn The Rise (Listenable Records)
  5. Jan Akkerman – Close Beauty (Music Theories Recordings)
  6. CollateralCollateral (Roulette Media)
  7. 4th LabyrinthBetter (WDFD Records Ltd)
  8. Black Star RidersAnother State Of Grace (Nuclear Blast)
  9. AchieversThe Lost Arc (Freehouse Records)
  10. Bywater CallBywater Call (Gypsy Soul Records)

Trish Heywood

  1. Steve HackettAt The Edge Of Light (Inside Out Music)
  2. The Flower KingsWaiting For Miracles (InsideOut Records)
  3. Ingrid MichaelsonStranger Songs (Cabin 24 Records)
  4. Ali ThomsonSongs From The Playroom (Thomson Music & Media Ltd)
  5. Yes – From a Page/Live from Lyon (Frontiers)
  6. District 97Screens (MindScan Records)
  7. Jon Anderson1000 Hands (Opio Media/Jon Anderson
  8. Neal Morse BandThe Great Adventure (Radiant Records)
  9. Devin TownsendEmpath (HevyDevy Records)
  10. Fiction SyxxThe Alternate Me (Melodic Rock Records)

Laurence Todd

  1. Dream Theater – Distance Over Time (InsideOut Music)
  2. The Mute Gods – Atheists & Believers  (InsideOut Music)
  3. Lonely RobotInto Stars (InsideOut Music)
  4. Pineapple ThiefHold Our Fire (Kscope)
  5. Kaprekars ConstantDepth Of Field (Talking Elephant Records)
  6. Beth HartWar In My Mind (Provogue Records)
  7. Quantum Pig Songs Of Industry & Enterprise (White Star Records)
  8. IQ Resistance (Giant Electric Pea)
  9. Steve Hackett At The Edge Of Light (InsideOut Music)
  10. Iamthemorning The Bell (Kscope)

Terry Craven

  1. AvantasiaMoonglow (Nuclear Blast)
  2. Freedom CallM.E.T.A.L. (Steamhammer)
  3. The FerrymenA New Evil (Frontiers)
  4. Devin TownsendEmpath (HevyDevy Records)
  5. Iron SaviorKill Or Get Killed (Avalon)
  6. Dream TheaterDistance Over Time (InsideOut Music)
  7. Pattern Seeking AnimalsPattern Seeking Animals (Sony/InsideOut Music)
  8. HelloweenUnited Alive (Nuclear Blast)
  9. Mob RulesBeast Over Europe (Steamhammer)
  10. JornLive On Death Road (Frontiers)

Richard Proctor

  1. Du BellowsWhat Was EP (DuBellows.com)
  2. Danny BryantMeans Of Escape (Jazzhaus Records)
  3. IngloriousRide To Nowhere (Frontiers)
  4. Heavy FeatherDebris And Rubble (The Sign Records)
  5. Pineapple ThiefHold Our Fire (Kscope)
  6. Black River SonsPoisons Stuff (Music-Records)
  7. Bryan Ferry & His OrchestraBitter Sweet (BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd)
  8. Anchor LaneCasino (RZ Records)*
  9. INMEJumpstart Hope (Killing Moon)*
  10. Malone SibunCome Together (RedLine Music)*

*advance copy received in 2019 for review