December 29, 2022

Following a couple of years of uncertainty during the pandemic and when everyone’s lives was in some way thrown into turmoil, 2022 saw some return to what many would see as relative normality. While music never went away during that time, 2022 was also the year when live music felt like it was properly back with us and the last 365 days has seen some great gigs and festivals. And let us not forget that there has been some outstanding albums. Whether you spin vinyl, stream or still love CD, there is a wealth of good music to get lost in. 2022 has been another fine year and VT is proud to share their best of the year. Thanks for reading and see you all in 2023!

Velvet Thunder

Lee Vickers

  1. XentrixSeven Words (Listenable)
  2. Visions Of AtlantisPirates (Napalm)
  3. DecapitatedCancer Culture (Nuclear Blast)
  4. Secret RuleThe Resillient (7Hard)
  5. SoilworkÖvergivenheten (Nuclear Blast)
  6. Cage FightCage Fight (Candlelight)
  7. Lawnmower DethBlunt Cutters (Dissonance)
  8. KreatorHate Über Alles (Nuclear Blast)
  9. Arch EnemyDeceivers (Napalm)
  10. Ghost – Impera (Loma Vista)

Steve Pilkington

  1. The Mighty RaAll Secrets Known (White Knight)
  2. Dave CuretonState Of Mind (Self Released)
  3. Ghost Of The MachineScissorgames (Self Released))
  4. Kalle WallnerVoices (Gentle Art Of Music)
  5. Blackheart OrchestraHotel Utopia (Ceander)
  6. SolsticeLight Up (Giant Electric Pea)
  7. Winter In EdenSocial Fake (Cherry Red)
  8. Hats Off Gentlemen It’s AdequateThe Confidence Trick (Glass Castle)
  9. Pure Reason RevolutionAbove Cirrus (InsideOut)
  10. Kaprekar’s ConstantThe Murder Wall (Talking Elephant)

Lorne Murphy

  1. Banco del Mutuo Soccorso – Orlando: Le Forme dell’Amore (Inside Out)
  2. Alco Frisbass – Le Mystere Du Gue Pucelle (Self released) *
  3. The Lost Vision Of The Chandoo Priest – The Lost Vision Of The Chandoo Priest (AMS Records)
  4. Anima Morte – Serpents in The Fields Of Sleep (Cadabra Records)
  5. Rick Miller – Old Souls (Progressive Promotion Records)
  6. The Tangent – Songs From The Hard Shoulder (Inside Out)
  7. Birth – Born (Bad Omen Records)
  8. Galahad – The Last Great Adventurer (Avalon Records)
  9. Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side – Miles From Nowhere (Inside Out)
  10. Michael Romeo – War of the Worlds Pt. 2 (Inside Out)

Paul Whimpenny

  1. Avatarium Death, Where Is Your Sting (AFM)
  2. Of The Wand And The MoonYour Love Can’t Hold The Wrath Of Sorrow (Heiðrunar Myrkrunar)
  3. Knight AreaD-Day II – The Final Chapter (Butler)
  4. Fren All The Pretty Days (Self Released)
  5. Mist Of MiserySeverance (Non Serviam)
  6. The NecromancersWhere The Void Rose (Self Released)
  7. Nordic UnionAnimalistic (Frontiers)
  8. Oak The Quiet Rebellion Of Compromise (Karisma)
  9. Ghost Impera (Loma Vista)
  10. Mother MorganaRise (Self Released)

Richard Proctor

  1. The RivenPeace and Conflict (The Sign Records)
  2. Green KingHidden Beyond Time (The Sign Sweden)
  3. IndignuAdeus (DunkRecords)
  4. Sedate Illusion – Time Is Not The End/Black Untold (Self Released)
  5. The CommonersFind A Better Way (Gypsy Soul)
  6. O.R.K.Screamnasium (Kscope)
  7. Brave RivalsLife’s Machine (Self Released)
  8. NagualToo Far Gone (OrzoRock Music)
  9. John ClayRusty Guitar (Stunted Records)
  10. Six By SixSix By Six (InsideOut)

Terry Craven

  1. Royal HuntDystopia Pt 2 (Northpoint Productions)
  2. StryperThe Final Battle (Frontiers)
  3. Spirits Of FireEmbrace The Unknown (Frontiers)
  4. ThresholdDividing Lines (Nuclear Blast)
  5. New HorizonGate Of The Gods (Frontiers)
  6. KeysKeys (Cargo Records)
  7. VeonityElements Of Power (Scarlet)
  8. Saro ConsentinoThe Road To Now (Cat Sounds)
  9. Nordic UnionAnimalistic (Frontiers)
  10. House Of LordsSaints And Sinners (Frontiers)

Graeme Stroud

  1. Eric GalesCrown (Provogue)
  2. Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, Paco de LuciaSaturday Night In San Francisco (Ear Music Classics)
  3. Beth HartA Tribute To Led Zeppelin (Provogue)
  4. Joe SatrianiElephants Of Mars (Edel)
  5. Steve VaiInviolate (Favored Nations Entertainment)
  6. Larry McCrayBlues Without You (Keeping The Blues Alive Records)
  7. Bad Luck FridayBad Luck Friday (Wild Fire Records)
  8. Dr. JohnThings Happen That Way (Rounder Records)
  9. Laura EvansState Of Mind (Rosie Music)
  10. Steve HillDear Illusion (No Label Records)

Stoyan Tsonev

  1. Riot CityElectric Elite (No Remorse)
  2. RazorCycle Of Contempt (Relapse)
  3. KreatorHate Über Alles (Nuclear Blast)
  4. ImmolationActs of God (Nuclear Blast)
  5. WatainThe Agony & Ecstasy Of Watain (Nuclear Blast)
  6. GomorraDealer Of Souls (Noble Demon)
  7. MegadethThe Sick, The Dying… And The Dead! (Universal Music Group)
  8. Dark FuneralWe Are The Apocalypse (Century Media)
  9. ThresholdDividing Lines (Nuclear Blast)
  10. Black OathEmeth Truth And Death (Sun & Moon)

Laurence Todd

  1. Jethro TullThe Zealot Gene (InsideOut)
  2. Jonas Lindberg & the Other SideMiles From Nowhere (InsideOut)
  3. The TangentSongs From the Hard Shoulder (InsideOut)
  4. Marillion – An Hour before it’s Dark (EAR Music)
  5. Porcupine TreeCloser/Continuation (Music For Nations)
  6. Six by SixSix by Six (InsideOut / Sony)
  7. Amy BirksIn My Soul (Self Released)
  8. Neil YoungToast (Reprise)
  9. The Blackheart OrchestraHotel Utopia (Ceander)
  10. John Sloman Two Rivers (Red Steel Music)

Sebastian Vickers

  1. Fit For An AutopsyOh, What The Future Holds (Nuclear Blast)
  2. Dance Gavin DanceJackpot Juicer (Rise)
  3. DayseekerDark Sun (Spinefarm)
  4. Bleed From WithinShrine (Nuclear Blast)
  5. Lorna ShoreA Pain Remains (Century Media)
  6. VarialsScars For You To Remember (Fearless)
  7. AviiraAvalanche (Self Released)
  8. XentrixSeven Words (Listenable)
  9. Shadow Of IntentElegy (Self Released)
  10. DreamwakeVirtual Reality (Self Released)