December 31, 2023

After another bumper year of quality music from across the rock spectrum, VELVET THUNDER is proud to present the best of the year. Thanks for reading in 2023 and see you all in 2024!

  1. HawkwindThe Future Never Waits (Cherry Red)
  2. Withering ScornProphets Of Demise (Frontiers)
  3. The Flower KingsLook At You Now (InsideOut)
  4. Jag PanzerThe Hallowed (Atomic Fire)
  5. DGMLife (Frontiers)
  6. Pattern Seeking AnimalsSpooky Action At A Distance (InsideOut)
  7. PyramazeBloodlines (AFM)
  8. KamelotThe Awakening (Napalm)
  9. High PulpDays In The Desert (Anti)
  10. LaluThe Fish Who Wanted To Be King (Frontiers)

  1. Lars Fredrik FrøislieFire Fortellinger (Karisma)
  2. PaskinelMaraude Automnale (Vallis Lupi)
  3. Arabs in AspicThe Magic of Sin (Karisma)
  4. WegferendEn Autremonde – Chapitre Second (Mors Ultima Ratio)
  5. The Chronicles of Father Robin – The Songs & Tales of Airoea – Book II: Ocean Traveller (Metamorphosis) (Karisma)
  6. Blood CeremonyThe Old Ways Remain (Rise Above)
  7. ZoppDominion (Flat Circle)
  8. AgusaPrima Materia (Kommun 2)
  9. The Chronicles of Father RobinThe Songs & Tales of Airoea – Book I: The Tale of Father Robin (State of Nature) (Karisma)
  10. Crown LandsFearless (Universal Music Canada/Ontario Creates)

  1. HekzTerra Nova (Independent)
  2. Uriah HeepChaos And Colour (Silver Lining)
  3. KarnatakaRequiem For A Dream (Immrama)
  4. MysteryRedemption (Unicorn)
  5. Hayley Griffiths BandMelanie (Posh And Rock)
  6. The Emerald DawnIn Time (World’s End)
  7. IO EarthSanctuary (Independent)
  8. Ozric TentaclesLotus Unfolding (KScope)
  9. Carrie MartinEvergreen (Psychotron)
  10. So Long Space GirlYour Heroes Are All Dead (Independent)

  1. King FalconKing Falcon (Mascot)
  2. D’Virgilio, Morse and JenningsSophomore (InsideOut)
  3. Blood CeremonyThe Old Ways Remain (Rise Above)
  4. Bruce SoordLuminescence (Kscope)
  5. MasheenaWest Coast Hard Rock (Descamisado)
  6. Ray AlderII (InsideOut)
  7. EmpyreRelentless (Kscope)
  8. KloneMeanwhile (Kscope)
  9. SvartanattLast Days on Earth (The Sign Records)
  10. Erei CrossThe Widow and the Others (Klonosphere)

  1. Matteo MancusoThe Journey (Mascot)
  2. Schwager-Oliver QuartetSenza Resa (Cellar)
  3. Arjen LucassenGolden Age Of Music (Mascot/Music Theory)
  4. Robert Jon & The WreckLive At The Ancienne Belgique (Journeyman)
  5. Marc BroussardS.O.S. 4: Blues For Your Soul (Keeping The Blues Alive)
  6. Joe BonamassaTales Of Time (J&R Adventures)
  7. DeWolffLove, Death and In Between (Mascot)
  8. HaslemFaith, Family, Friends & Flatmates (Independent)
  9. Ana PopovicPower (artistsXclusive)
  10. Robin Trower (ft. Sari Schorr)Joyful Sky (Mascot/Provogue)

  1. SolsticeLight Up (GEP)
  2. RiversideI.D.Entity (Inside Out)
  3. Pattern Seeing AnimalsSpooky Action At A Distance (InsideOut)
  4. D’Virgilio, Morse & JenningsSophomore (Inside Out Music)
  5. Jethro TullRokflote (InsideOut Music)
  6. Beatrix PlayersLiving and Alive (Independent)
  7. CairoNemesis (Spirit Of Unicorn Music)
  8. KarnatakaRequiem For A Dream (Immrama)
  9. Mariusz (Kscope)
  10. YesMirror To The Sky (InsideOut Music)

  1. DivinerAvaton (Rock Of Angels)
  2. The Night EternalFatale (Ván Records)
  3. ObituaryDying Of Everything (Relapse)
  4. OverkillScorched (Nuclear Blast)
  5. High SpiritsSafe On The Other Side (High Roller)
  6. DestructorBlood, Bone And Fire (Shadow Kingdom)
  7. VomitoryAll Heads Are Gonna Roll (Metal Blade)
  8. KerriganBloodmoon (High Roller)
  9. CenturyThe Conquest Of Time (Electric Assault/No Remorse)
  10. ThronDust (Listenable)

  1. DaedricMortal (FiXT)
  2. Conquer DivideSlow Burn (Mascot)
  3. ServersThe Vertical Plane (Undergroove)
  4. The OceanHolocene (Pelagic)
  5. ObituaryDying Of Everything (Relapse)
  6. Blood CommandWorld Domination (Hassle)
  7. Beyond The BlackBeyond The Black (Nuclear Blast)
  8. Phantom EliteBlue Blood (Frontiers)
  9. SmackboundHostage (Frontiers)
  10. AvatarDance, Devil Dance (Black Waltz)

  1. Einar Solberg16 (InsideOut)
  2. Margarita Witch CultMargarita Witch Cult (Heavy Psych)
  3. The Emerald DawnIn Time (World’s End)
  4. SoenMemorial (Silver Lining)
  5. LjungblutSauda (Karisma)
  6. TenhiValkama (Prophecy)
  7. Hex A.D. – Delightful Sharp Edges (Apollon)
  8. MolybaronSomething Ominous (InsideOut)
  9. Coyle GirelliMuseum Day (Independent)
  10. SvartanattLast Days On Earth (The Sign Records)

  1. Sleep TokenTake Me Back to Eden (Spinefarm)
  2. Signs of the SwarmAmongst the Low & Empty (Century Media)
  3. Invent AnimateHeavener (UNFD)
  4. Bury TomorrowThe Seventh Sun (Music for Nations)
  5. Veil of Maya(m)other (Sumerian)
  6. Blood CommandWorld Domination (Hassle/Loyal Blood)
  7. VexedNegative Energy (Napalm)
  8. CurrentsThe Death We Seek (SharpTone)
  9. As Everything UnfoldsUltraviolet (Long Branch)
  10. PolarisFatalism (SharpTone)