December 13, 2021

Vendetta Love is a new, aggressive, vibrant and vital hard rock band out of Portlaoise in the Irish Republic and remember the name as – given any sort of break – they are going to be huge. They have an incredible sound that is part grunge and part blues-based heavy metal and it is primal, brutal metal that you need to play as loud as possible as this truly is metal for the masses. Vendetta Love has taken the basic and ruthless hard rock of the ’70s and polished it until it shines and is now a new and modern sounding rock that sets them apart from so many other bands. For sure, there are elements of Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots about the delivery but there are also the portentous and dark Sabbath type riffs that thrill to the core.

The band is a 4-piece with a great vocalist who loves to get down and dirty and twin guitars too and they make the most of this as all of the songs are big on riffs and totally searing lead breaks that just keep on coming. The length of the EP is a neat 25-minute so you get the chance to hear enough of the band to realise that they are something special and truly are the real deal. The only real surprise is that they are unsigned but this surely will not be the case for long. Speak Now is a perfect heavy metal, old school EP that keeps on giving and we can only hope that the debut album follows on without too much of a delay.

The band will be undertaking an extensive UK tour in 2022 as guest to the band Harsh and I would recommend that you get to see them if they come close to you, surely, Vendetta Love is going to be Ireland’s next big band.

Speak Now

  1.  Follow Me Down (3:56)
  2. Witches & Thieves (3:31)
  3. Blackened Hands (5:57)
  4. Lost (5:31)
  5. What’s in the Blood? (5:11)