August 10, 2022

After releasing it solely as a video clip on their YouTube channel, VENOM PRISON are making their blistering cover of Stampin’ Ground’s Officer Down available on all digital platforms. The song has finally come full circle, as Century Media Records released the original on Stampin’ Ground’s classic album Carved From Empty Words in 2000.

VENOM PRISON comments: “Stampin’ Ground is a band we’ve respected and admired even before VENOM PRISON existed and we’ve always toyed with the idea of a cover and never knew what would work with VENOM PRISON. We would listen Carved From Empty Words in the van going to shows or on tour. With Stampin’ Ground being a metal/hardcore band this went perfectly in line with VENOM PRISON. We also recorded Erebos with Scott Atkins who was a member of Stampin’ Ground and knew from the start Scott would understand us as a band. Our cover goes in line with the original with a slight few changes to make it our own. Enjoy!”

Scott Atkins (formerly guitars in Stampin’ Ground) adds: Officer Down took on a life of its own from the very first time we played it live. It became our biggest song overnight and it’s amazing it’s still seen that way over 20 years later. it was one of those songs that almost wrote itself, like it was meant to be, it’s stood the test of time. It’s been covered by many bands but this version by VENOM PRISON is definitely one of my personal favourites. Having produced their latest album, Erebos, I’ve got to know the band very well, it was surprising how their work ethic and influences tied in with those of Stampin’ Ground in many ways. I hope everyone enjoys this new version as much as our original!”

Photo Credit: Venom Prison


Larissa Stupar – lead vocals

Ash Gray – guitar

Ben Thomas – guitar

Mike Jefferies – bass

Joe Bills – drums 


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