July 7, 2022

Female fronted rock bands have come a long way in the last 50-years and, in many respects, this self titled debut album by Venus 5 pretty much sums up just how firmly cemented the place of the female singer and, indeed, the female musician now is. So, what we have here is a melodic rock album that features five, yes five, amazingly talented singers all working together and in total harmony. The singers are Herma’ (Sick N’ Beautiful), Karmen Klinc, Jelena Milovanovic, Tezzi Persson (Infinite & Divine) and Erina Seitllari and they all combine to make this very much a rock choir with each beautiful voice complementing one another and all to a metal background which is supplied by a team of excellent musicians with Stefan Helleblad, Aldo Lonobile and Gabriele Robotti all providing guitar, Dann Arisi on bass, Alfonso Mocerino on drums and Antonio Agate on keyboards, piano & electronic arrangements.

You can draw some comparisons with the likes of Within Temptation and Amaranthe and even The Metal Opera by Magnus Karlsson but I just cannot get the thought and image of Bananarama going all metal out of my head and I mean that as a complement. In truth, you can talk about Venus 5 all day but the only way you are going to get to grips with the concept and sound is to sit down and listen to the album and revel is five beautiful female voices working in total harmony. Top marks must go to the band too for playing the music with restraint as this is not an album you grade by how many and how long the guitar solos are but one to sit back and let the sounds wash over you like a very securing blanket.

The album needs several listens to get the most from it and to ensure that your brain sorts the individual singers but really it is all about the power and beauty of five great singers working together to produce something magical.

Venus 5

  1. Lioness (3:22)
  2. The Simulation (3:20)
  3. Nothing But A Heartache (3:08)
  4. Bride With Blackened Eyes (4:35)
  5. Monster Under Your Bed (3:59)
  6. Inside (4:29)
  7. Tom And Ms. Amy Lee (4:03)
  8. Because Of You (3:24)
  9. We Are Dynamite (3:21)
  10. Save You (3:47)
  11. Bury Me (4:23)