August 29, 2021

Vessel is a heavy metal outfit based in Israel with Behind The Walls being the band’s debut EP which features five powerful tracks of hard rock mayhem.

The band began life in 2018 and all of the musicians were drawn together through a mutual love of the old classic metal bands and it is therefore no surprise that the 26-minutes of new music on display here is all very influenced by the likes of Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Threshold and Dio. However, these are not slavish copies; rather the band has taken the old sounds as a template to create their own new and exciting brand of heavy metal that is certain to please all those lucky enough to hear it. The Brazilian vocalist Bruno V. Passy has an outstanding rock voice and comes across as something of a Dio meets Klaus Meine meets Brian Johnson and he also has that great screaming delivery that marks him out as a singer to keep tabs on. Ariel Maman from Spain is a guitarist with a touch of Ritchie Blackmore and Axel Rudi Pell about his sound and he plays huge and searing lead breaks and enough thunderous riffs to fill a Sabbath album. Mark Preis is another Brazilian and he provides bass in true Geezer Butler style with Israeli Mor Harpazi keeping everything driving forward with his immense drumming. 

This is a mighty impressive EP to kick off the band’s career and if they have an albums worth of material like this then they are going to be a band that creates real waves in the rock world. Behind The Walls is an immense EP featuring five monstrous songs that quickly become new friends and announces that a new major player has arrived.

Behind The Walls EP track list

  1. Keep Running (4:49)
  2. First Rain (4:30)
  3. Shape Of The Devil (5:14)
  4. Overdrive (4:15)
  5. Behind The Walls (6:50)