September 10, 2020

Some music is deadly serious and not to be messed with whilst there are a few bands and sub-genres in which you can have a bit of fun and where the tongue is mostly firmly in cheek. Think specifically of Lordi, Evil Scarecrow and, to some extent, Slipknot and even Rammstein but it is in the glorious world of power metal that all the serious fun can be had. This is a genre that was designed to be over the top and some bands have simply revelled in this and taken extreme liberties with the maxim that less is more and turned it on its head so that more is more and then some!

How can you not be drawn into the crazy world of the mighty Rhapsody Of Fire and then you have the bands that take it even further and you can revel in the spectacle that is Gloryhammer where the look and concept is every bit as valid and relevant as the music. To this list we must surely add German band Victorius, a power metal band that simply respects no boundaries. As with many other power metal bands they take their inspirations from folklore and legend and Victorius have taken to Japanese manga and their world of dragons and monsters in all the best traditions of those old Japanese B movies about Godzilla and associated mythic creatures. Space Ninjas From Hell is album number five from this band and sees a continuation of the themes seen in their Dinosaur Warfare EP of 2018. Victorius seem to have managed to harness the power of the sun as this is one hell of an album that demands maximum volume and to hell with the neighbours. David Baßin is sensational on vocals and the twin guitars of Dirk Scharsich and Florian Zack sweep all before them with colossal riffs and even bigger solos and the pairing of Andreas Dockhorn and Frank Koppe on bass and drums respectively is sensational. I doubt that there is one shred of drum kit left after Koppe has pounded them into submission!

Yes, the subject matter is ludicrous but it is meant to be, just take a listen to Wasabi Warmachine or the spoken and hilarious title track which closes the album to see that they are having immense fun. However, the music they take seriously and this is one hell of a power metal album from a band that knows how to rock big style.