February 14, 2022

A real blast from the past now with the re-emergence of Victory, one time German metal titans of the ’80s, and a band seemingly destined to be a fondly remembered act from yesterday but the release of Gods Of Tomorrow has changed everything. Originally formed in 1984, Victory quickly built up a very solid reputation based on incendiary performances and the releasing of a number of exciting hard rock albums and were soon ranked alongside the likes of the Scorpions, Accept and Helloween. The glory years were the ’80s and the ’90s with just a couple of albums coming out after that with just 2003’s Instinct and then a period of inactivity ending with Don´t Talk Science in 2011. Of course, the revolving door policy on the band was well in operation by then with all of original members having left and the band also having several extended periods without any activity at all so it really seemed like the end of the band.

It therefore came as something of a major surprise that a new album was coming some 10-years since the last release but any new record by Victory has to be welcomed with open arms. It is the former Accept guitarist Herman Frank who has brought the band back having been with them from 1986 to 1995 and then again from 2005 onwards. He is the catalyst that has brought us this new and rather splendid hard rock album which is real hard rocking delight taking in the band’s heritage and forging something new for the future.

Herman Frank has recruited well with some great musicians coming onboard and we see a great vocal performance from the well travelled Gianni Pontillo pus Mike Pesin joining and sharing guitar duties with Herman Frank and what a powerful and flamboyant team they make. Down in the engine room we now have the hard working Malte Frederik Burkert on bass and Michael Stein on drums and they both ensure that the tempo is always kept up to breakneck speed. This may, technically, be a new ‘Victory’ but all of the musicians have very much bought into the history and Hermann Frank has been with the band long enough to ensure that the legacy is safe for the future as the thrilling guitarist is talented enough to ensure that any project he is involved in will be successful and valid.

If you yearn for sound of ’80s German metal then you will surely enjoy Gods Of Tomorrow as it is a guitar driven heavy metal onslaught with Frank and Pesin sharing solos and riffs to great affect with Pontillo strutting the stage as if born to front the band. The comparisons with Accept, Scorpions and Judas Priest remain and so they should as this is the way true heavy metal should sound; twin guitars screaming in harmony and a rock god in his pomp with his voice soaring and microphone held high in total victory (no pun intended!) This release is a staggeringly good return from Victory and one that sets them up neatly for the next 10-years.

Gods Of Tomorrow

  1. Love & Hate (5:12)
  2. Gods Of Tomorrow (3:32)
  3. Cut To The Bone (4:40)
  4. Dying In Your Arms (4:28)
  5. Hold On Me (3:41)
  6. Into The Light (2:59)
  7. Mad (4:52)
  8. Unconditional Love (5:35)
  9. My Own Desire (4:31)
  10. On Fire (3:45)
  11. Rising Force (3:22)
  12. In Rock We Trust (3:37)
  13. Leave You Alone (CD Bonus Track) (3:38)