January 22, 2020

Vision Divine is a rather superior Italian progressive/power metal rock band that easily straddles the ground between Stratovarius and Dream Theater and, due to the singer, has a feel of Muse about it too. Formed back in the ’90s as a solo project by Olaf Thörsen aka Carlo Andrea Magnani, it was only when the singing sensation that is Fabio Lione came on board that it became a band it its own right.

We now come to album number eight and, as seems to be usual, there have been many personnel changes (some may even say it is a revolving door due to the sheer numbers coming and going) in the intervening years and they now line-up with the ever present Olaf Thörsen on guitar, Andrea Torricini on bass, Federico Puleri on guitar, Alessio Lucatti on keyboard, Mike Terrana on drums and relatively new vocalist Ivan Giannini. When All The Heroes Are Dead is a most accomplished progressive metal album that is full of technical passages, superb solos and a soaring performance from Ivan Giannini that shows he has not been overawed in filling the big shoes of the bands previous vocalists. The guitar work is expressive and melodious over which the epic and emotional vocals make the new album a real treat to lose yourself in.

If you thought that the changes would affect the band then fear not, all remains as it was due to the careful tendering of Olaf Thörsen and his wise and resourceful choice in replacements. I can most certainly state that Vision Divine will be around for a long time to come.