November 27, 2023

Vitalines is another new project on the Frontiers label which has been put together by US vocalist Robbie LaBlanc (Blanc Faces, Find Me, T3nors) and the Swedish musician and songwriter Tommy Denander. LaBlanc is a phenomenal melodic rock vocalist with a powerful yet golden voice and Denander has worked with and written songs for many of the greats in the music business over the years and he plays all guitars, bass and keyboards on the record with drums courtesy of Neil Anami.

LaBlanc and Denander have worked together on a number of occasions over the years but this is their first album together and it should come as no real surprise, given their past musical leanings, that this is a high quality melodic rock album very much in Toto/Foreigner territory. If you are into classic AOR then there is much here to admire with LaBlanc again being outstanding in front of the microphone as he is a singer that always puts heart and soul into every performance and this can be seen perfectly on the recent T3nors project where he is joined by singers Toby Hitchcock and Kent Hilli to give a near faultless example of melodic rock.

Wheels Within Wheels is full of gorgeous songs with heady and memorable harmonies and is totally hypnotic as the three musicians involved go through their paces to serve up a sumptuous feast of AOR. Again, this is another timeless work that could be from any decade from the ’80s onwards which shows that AOR/Melodic rock remains a vibrant and essential part of the rock scene.

File alongside Journey, Survivor, Styx and Toto as the perfect example of quality songwriting and musicianship allied to a powerful and memorable performance from a set of musicians at the top of their game.

Wheels Within Wheels is out now via Frontiers Music

Wheels Within Wheels

  1. Judgement Day Is Here (4:47)
  2. Love Not Fantasy (4:23)
  3. Hello World – We Need To Talk (3:23)
  4. Cards From Another Game (4:15)
  5. Love and Thunder (4:21)
  6. When Spirits Fight (6:26)
  7. You Never Know With Magic (4:22)
  8. Life Waits For No One (5:10)
  9. You’re the Reason I Am (4:07)
  10. Wheels Within Wheels (3:43)
  11. Nothing But Silence (4:30)