May 15, 2023

I missed these guys. Honestly. From the very first few seconds of the opening title track, one is reminded how important Vomitory are and have been to the death metal scene. Brothers Urban and Tobias Gustafsson have formed the band some 34 years ago and until 2013 the Swedes released eight fantastic albums, neither of which showed even a slight decrease in quality. Now, 12 years since their latest album Opus Mortis VIII and exactly a decade since disbandment, Vomitory have not only reformed, but are blasting a hatchet to our collective heads with the appropriately-titled All Heads Are Gonna Roll, out May 26th through Metal Blade.

The same line-up which created the previous three Vomitory albums, with Peter Östlund on guitars and long-serving bassist/vocalist Erik Rundqvist, now sounds as vicious and brutal as in undisputed classics like Revelation Nausea and Blood Rapture. Perhaps the closest resemblance in sound and attitude could still be Vader and Malevolent Creation, but the Swedish touch brought and accentuated in Vomitory’s music has always been upfront. The wall of sound and perfect production work speak volumes of these guys’ professionalism and devotion to the death metal cause. This is not music for wimps, so brace yourselves – you need trained ears here. Decrowned, The Deepest Tomb or the closer Beg For Death are crushing examples of extreme metal perfection, with guitar riffs cutting flesh from bone and the unmistakable deep but articulate growl of Erik. What should be especially mentioned is the band’s obvious aim to compose memorable riffs and melodies in the choruses this time around. In fact …. am I allowed to use the word “catchy” in a Vomitory review? No? Go ahead and listen to Raped, Strangled, Sodomized, Dead or Dead World and tell me you’re not humming the chorus melodies afterwards. I bet you will. Praises should be addressed about the great guitar solos and the absolutely insane performance by Östlund on the drum stool. Impressive!

The cover artwork is another nice touch to add to a winning formula and I can safely say All Heads Are Gonna Roll is not just the most welcome comeback in extreme metal recently, but the best release I’ve heard so far in 2023. If you don’t like it, you are not my friend.


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All Heads Are Gonna Roll will be out on May 26th and can be pre-ordered from HERE