March 29, 2022

Another day brings another ‘new’ band that I was previously unaware of and it begs the question of just how many rock bands are there in the world? I have a very broad range in music so virtually all of these bands come as a new delight and I begrudge the years of my ignorance as I then have to do a thorough search of the band’s back catalogues which can be expensive but every new group brings a little more joy into my world.

The German band Voodoma is the latest band to come to my attention with the quite wonderful Hellbound album which has quite literally blown me away. I am very partial to a little Gothic rock as I simply love the atmospheric, doom laden nature of the music which, paradoxically, is also uplifting and life affirming as it is the sheer range of emotions that make Goth rock so fascinating and worthwhile!

Voodoma was formed in Germany in 2002 with Hellbound now being the band’s eighth album and a cursory listen to the earlier work show that the back catalogue is just as strong as this latest album suggests it would be. The band comprises Michael Thionville on lead vocals with Mikk Hollenberg on guitar and keyboards, Pierre Liffers on bass and the wonderfully titled Dr. Doom on drums. The album features several racks with some very emotive female backing vocals but the lady who supplies these does not seem to be credited but she most certainly adds another dimension to the band’s sound. Michael Thionville has a deep and delicious voice that thrills completely and Mikk Hollenberg knows exactly when to kick in with a killed solo.

The band is on the lighter side of Goth so is not so doom laden or portentous as some of the classic bands from back in the day and very much has a dance sensibility which is mainly due to the catchy nature of the compositions which are high on melody and hook laden so you quite simply have to go with the flow.

If you are into Bauhaus, Sisters Of Mercy, The Mission and even Depeche Mode then there is much here for you to enjoy.


  1. Silent Scream (3:32)
  2. We Are The Lost (4:10)
  3. Salems Hell (4:51)
  4. Where Is The Light In You (3:49)
  5. Into The Deep (3:57)
  6. Save Me (3:01)
  7. Hellbound (3:11)
  8. Hand Of Fate (3:33)
  9. Angel X (3:09)
  10. Sandman (5:11)