January 13, 2021

AND: Australian Tour Cancelled due to Covid.

Online show #2 now in the works.

Australia’s premiere synth-prog outfit have played to their strengths and have covered the Australian Modern Classic ‘This Boy’s in Love’, originally by Electronic duo The Presets. Fusing together Voyager’s signature Epic Electro Progressive Power Prog Metal with a huge pop song, the VSets version is sure to be a hit.

Danny Estrin, vocalist, says this about the cover 

“The Presets song is one of those songs that I heard and thought “I wish I’d written this”.  At the time it came out it was so fresh in Australia, and so bizarre that it became so popular because it’s really very much Euro Style Dark Synthie EBM. Given that a lot of Voyager songs start out as electronic ideas, this semi-obscure modern Australian classic was a no brainer to cover. We hope you enjoy!”

And sadly, due to a hard border closure, the band’s rescheduled dates for their Runaway tour have now been cancelled, except for the Perth show on 12th February 2020.

The band say this about the cancellation.

“With heavy hearts we advise that the hard border just this past week imposed by the WA government has made it impossible for us to continue with our “Runaway” tour scheduled for February in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra. The band will perform in Perth on 12th February 2020 only. We tried our best to reschedule the dates to a time where we felt confident we could travel and that safety concerns were not an issue, but sadly that is no longer the case.  We are forever grateful to our fans who bought and kept their tickets to our rescheduled shows. To our Brisbane fans, we hope you enjoy The Other Festival and we wish we could be there with you. 
Full refunds for Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra will be available at the point of purchase.
We’ll have news of another online show in the coming weeks.”

Voyager have headed back into the studio again and are now using the time to write for their 8th album.
A second online show will be announced in due course.

Danny Estrin – Vocals
Simone Dow – Guitars
Alex Canion – Bass
Scott Kay – Guitars
Ash Doodkorte – Drums


If there is one word to describe VOYAGER’s most current form, it is colourful. After years of evolution and amassing worldwide influences that mould the Perth quintet’s unique sound, VOYAGER have truly come into their own in recent years, crafting a path of success both on and off stage. The genre-transfiguring act blend new-romantic and 80’s infused vocals, keytar solos, technical yet melodic fretwork, groovy bass and bombastic drumming efforts. All of which make VOYAGER the pop/prog/power/rock/metal force that they are renowned as today.

‘Colours in the Sun’ was  the winner of The Independent Music Award in the Rock/Hard Rock Album category. The record was released in November of 2019 and landed a coveted #1 placement on the Australian Independent Albums chart! ‘Colours in the Sun’ also debuted at #7 on Independent Label Albums as well as #27 on Official iTunes Australia. 

In February 2020  VOYAGER‘s music video for “Runaway” was exclusively premiered via ‘Eurovision – Australia Decides!’ Following an application via the Song Portal, the band finally received recognition for submitting a track and were paid tribute on the live television broadcast that aired on Saturday, February 8 on the Gold Coast. 

Despite the current situation and its setbacks, the future still looks rosy!