March 21, 2022

The Norwegian hard rock band Warzaw has rapidly followed up on the most impressive and wonderfully titled album Werewolves On Wheels and it’s great to see a band keen to keep up the impetus they began with the debut. This was a great old school hard rock album with more than one foot in the 1970s and very much a band for the bikers. Black Magic Satellite is a digital only release and sooner or later someone must surely pick up on the band from Trondheim as they play with a sheer joy with the hard metal approach very much tempered by lots of melody and a touch of humour too.

Thankfully, Warzaw has retained the same team of musicians so that they are tighter and more together on Black Magic Satellite with Daniel Rønning having that wonderful slightly gritty voice that usually came about from too much alcohol and cigarettes and was a staple of any musician from the mid 1960s onwards. Again, the scorching guitars of Håvard Alvarez and Trond Jullumstrø continue to make their albums sheer riff-fests and they thoroughly enjoy letting the guitars rip to cause maximum havoc with some sublime soloing. Jullumstrø also plays bass and I suspect he is also the provider of some quite sublime rhythm guitar too but it could just as easily be from Alvarez and makes for some great atmosphere. Keeping them all on their toes with a beat that never drops is Mats Sødahl who must have learned his pounding drum skills in the forges of Valhalla!

The guys are all stalwarts of the Norwegian rock scene and they have brought a wealth of experience and influences to the new album but, again, it is those heavyweight touches inspired by Motörhead and the sheer riffery of Black Sabbath that are signature marks of the band. Black Magic Satellites pretty much picks up where Werewolves On Wheels finished and shows a band with a complete mastery of the 4 to 5-minute retro hard rock song. Great rock vocals which are again in totally accent free English make Warsaw a band that could come from just about anywhere which improves their marketability but the heavy and in your face delivery does smack totally of British hard rock at its best from the 1970s when that fabulous blues vibe was merged with a more metal approach which then made the electric guitar solo a true gift from the gods.

If you heard and enjoyed the first album then there is plenty more here to enjoy from a Norwegian band very much on top of its ‘A’ game.

Black Magic Satellite

  1. Santa Mira (3:59)
  2. Fierce Attitude (3:51)
  3. Send My Regards (3:14)
  4. Lightning From the Clear Sky (4:04)
  5. Circular Talk (3:46)
  6. Machine Gun Fire (4:15)
  7. Where the Bodies Are Buried (3:45)
  8. Shot of Poison (4:54)
  9. Pistols at Dawn (3:43)
  10. Altar of Pleasure (3:43)
  11. Sabres of Flesh and Blood (5:50)