January 2, 2024

Swedish Indie band Washing Machina are extremely excited to be finally releasing their highly-anticipated debut album The Spontaneous Splendid due out on Lövely Records in March 2024. Right from the start, I have to say that this is an impressive song-set, showcasing the band’s distinctive blend of pop, indie and alt-rock, and featuring a diverse collection of songs that span various musical landscapes while maintaining a cohesive, invisible thread that ties them all together. If you’re a fan of so many different bands – the Cranberries, the Cardigans, Weezer, Wheatus, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, Pavement, and Dinosaur Jr, – do please make sure to give this album a whirl!

Washing Machina was formed in Stockholm, Sweden during the spring of 2021, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the creative spark being ignited when Mark, Karl, and Sara began exchanging musical ideas. Emelie was recruited on drums, completing the puzzle and solidifying the band’s unique sound. Inspired by a whole raft of 90’s bands, their music weaves together strong pop melodies with avant-garde guitar playing, boldly venturing into relatively unexplored sonic territories.

Karl elaborates on the album’s essence, stating, “You have a bit of everything we ourselves like on this record, which means a lot of guitars and strong ’90s-scented pop melodies.”

This statement encapsulates the band’s commitment to delivering a musical experience that resonates with fans of both indie rock and the nostalgic sounds of the 1990s. The Spontaneous Splendid is a testament to Washing Machina’s musical prowess, offering listeners a captivating journey through a sonic landscape rich in guitar work and driven by powerful pop melodies – something for everyone!

They have already made an indelible mark on the Swedish music scene through a series of successful shows there, culminating in selling out a gig at Stockhom’s iconic indie-rock club Heaven Up Here. The band’s recorded efforts so far include the release of two EPs: Perfect Misfits and Last Bag of the Belt, but their highly anticipated debut album should take them to the next level. 

Washing Machina are: Emelie, Sara, Mark, Karl

The album opens with Steampunker, featuring blended vocals not unlike a cross between the Cranberries and Sweden’s own, the Cardigans? Immediately zapping you with huge multi-layered melodies and classic Indie guitar work, thoroughly pleasant and leaving me looking forward to more. Twilight Zone follows, this is a bit more edgy and for some reason reminds me of Devo – perhaps merged with Weezer! Uncompletable confirms the band’s signature 90’s style of hypnotic delicate chord-work, and dreamy vocals from Sara or Emelie (not sure which, the four are elusive individuals).

Daydream Team continues that blend of Weezer / Cranberries “soft-rock” influences, but don’t get me wrong, it’s thoroughly addictive, with a edgier slant towards the end. The Loop is another from the same stable, I do love their smooth harmonies and layered vocals, topped by an insanely infectious back-beat – it’s obvious that they’d be really good to see live. Eaten People is a tad slower, a tad darker, breaking up the party atmosphere a little.

October is another slice of Weezer/Wheatus inspired indie, nicely jagged guitar tones. This is high quality 90’s rock, not too heavy but still loaded with melodies, you could almost imagine this being a Beach Boys song at times before the guitars rip through the illusion! Silver Hugs returns to the beguilingly smooth ambience of the two women’s multi-layered vocals underpinned by a hypnotic rhythm and the signature guitar work. It’s hugely entertaining without perhaps being too taxing – but that’s certainly not a criticism!

Into The Dark twists the successful formula a little, introducing some spacey synth and squally lead notes, before Ben Ruthie brings this collection to a conclusion with another nod to the Nineties and the Cranberries / Cardigans, a luscious, again hypnotic, dreamy chunk of alt-rock. This album brings back so many warm memories of 90’s bands, and the fact that Washing Machina do this so effortlessly just shows how good they are. Enjoy!

The Spontaneous Splendid  is produced and recorded by the band members themselves, mixed by Markus Ingberg (Nutmeg, The Virtues, The 21st Century Noise) and mastered by Philip Granqvist (Anna von Hausswolff, El Perro Del Mar, Kongh, Jens Lekman).The album will be released on Lövely Records on all streaming platforms and on transparent green vinyl on March 1, 2024.