April 13, 2022

Alternative Rock band Wax on Water is fronted by singer, songwriter and producer Maya Damaris and was joined by rock guitarist Steven Blessing back in 2019. The band released the first of the ‘Drip’ series The Drip- Part I EP back in November 2021. Now they release the follow up: The Drip – Part II on 25th March 2022 with the full forthcoming complete album “The Drip” landing in June.

Maya Damaris decided to form a band which would evoke the same intense feelings and inspiration that she had growing up when listening to artists like Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, The Cure and Nine Inch Nails. Debut album Procession was initially released by Damaris in 2017, demonstrating an expert ability to channel diverse influences whilst making a sound that was entirely their own. The resulting album acclaim led to the re-release of Procession in 2018 and a lucrative worldwide distribution deal with The Orchard/Sony Music, for Damaris’ own label, Howling Tempest Records. 

Perhaps it was fate that, in 2019, Damaris encountered like-minded musician, guitarist Steven Blessing and the musical coupling was instantly formidable. The band draw inspiration from the great and good; from bands past and present and from multiple genres:  70s rock, 90s grunge, electronica, and industrial. On The Drip album, their sound is taken to the next level with the addition of Blessing’s soaring layers of guitar and Damaris’ unique writing and production style, creating a potent musical brew that is, unquestionably, Wax on Water.

The eagerly awaited forthcoming album The Drip, due in June, is a collection of sixteen expertly crafted rock songs. As a prelude to the album, Wax on Water released  The Drip – Part I EP last November –  release the Second EP The Drip – Part II  on March 25th : an  eclectic mix of songs that gives fans a tantalising taste of what to expect when the full album of the same name drops in the Summer.

The first track is  the recent single , and electro-rock tome to love; You Know When You Know, Dumb Me is a heart rending and raw exploration of depression. In The Shadows talks about the need for loyalty and consistency in relationships and All Over Me describes an all-consuming sense of disintegration. The focus single, and second track on the EP, is the cleverly playful radio track The Wrong Way: Damaris explains: ”I love Steve’s guitar playing on this song, it’s so lyrical and gives a tongue in cheek feel to the song. Lyrically, I wanted to have some fun with this track – and the person in question was very vain, so that inspired my lyrics.”

Like the heady musical brew on The Drip – Part I EP, the songs on The Drip – Part II EP demonstrate that Wax on Water are not just a conduit for classic multi-genre influences, but also a creator of entirely new ones.