October 27, 2020

It appears that When Frames Collide was a short-lived Australian band from Melbourne and the four tracks on this EP is the total amount of the music that the band ever recorded so four songs and 22-minutes doesn’t leave much of a musical legacy. Information on the band is understandably scarce but they had a quite superior vocalist in Andy McLean who was formerly in fellow Australian band Horsehead and he seems to have a tight and talented team behind him.

It’s difficult to get a take on a band based on only four songs but the sound is ’70s classic rock based and there are definite elements of The Steve Gibbons Band, U2, Steely and Coldplay in there and the first track Letting Go is so definitely influenced by the Wings track Jet.

If this really is all there is and the band has truly folded then it is a real pity because the music on this album hints at would have been a truly sensational and rocking band. Heroes has been chosen as the second single from the EP and it’s very Bowie/U2 influenced but track of the EP is the sublime It’s Clear, a track that is so perfect and class filled that it could almost be Steely Dan. Let’s hope that band has a change of heart and gets back together again soon.

Quattro EP track list

  1. Letting Go (3:21)
  2. Heroes (6:49)
  3. Mars (4:48)
  4. It’s Clear (6:15)