October 22, 2022

The Swedish melodic rock band returns with album number three which continues the good work seen in 2020’s super-smooth and slick Ultimate Demise. There just seems to be something of a special relationship between Swedish musicians when it comes melodic rock as it is a genre that they do so well especially seeing as they have managed to master that special American magic which nearly all US bands seem to imbue their AOR with.

Initially Wildness was a studio project for the drummer and songwriter Erik Modin but it soon became a fully functioning band once he had recruited vocalist Gabriel Lindmark and guitarists Adam Holmström and Pontus Sköld came onboard. Several bassist were used until Modin brought in Marcus Sjösund in 2016 and this line-up released the eponymous debut 2017 which was a most pleasing melodic rock delight and very easy on the ear. Work on the follow-up had to be held up for a while following the departure of singer Lindmark with his replacement being Erik Forsberg (ex-Blazon Stone) and he most definitely brought a new dynamic to the band with his voice being perfect for AOR being mellifluously smooth which means that ballads are delivered impeccably yet he still has all of the power and range to belt out the usual anthemic stadium rockers which are such a staple of the melodic rock bands repertoire. Forsberg may be the voice and face of the band but Wildness also has two exceptional guitarists in Adam Holmström and Sköld and they combine perfectly with some truly wonderful clean and crisps solos as well as laying down some nice, neat chunky riffs. Modin shows his skills as a drummer of distinction and is work with bassist Sjösund really does power the band onwards and upwards.

As should maybe expected, the band delivers music with a distinct ’80s vibe when melodic rock ruled the airwaves and the bands such Journey and Toto were real giants. However, times and tastes have changed a little and the band so the band incorporates a fresh and modern sound to the music which all fans of AOR will surely enjoy. There are also several guest on the album with vocalists Danny Rexon (Crazy Lixx), Hank Erix (Houston), Ludvig Turner (Reach) and Dani Hart all appearing as backing singers helping to reinforce the classic AOR sound.

For sure, there is nothing new here and how could there be but if you are into cultured, smooth and pleasing melodic rock with great songs, wonderful hooks and perfect vocal harmonies then simply look no further. If you are a fan of the likes of Toto, Mr Mister, Foreigner, Europe, Eclipse and H.E.A.T. then you really should be checking out Wildness.


  1. Nightmare (4:31)
  2. Release The Beast (3:41)
  3. Tragedy (3:19)
  4. Love Resurrection (4:34)
  5. Best Of Me (3:57)
  6. The Final Fantasy (4:17)
  7. Lonely Girl (4:40)
  8. The One And Only (3:49)
  9. Fading Sun (4:53)
  10. Dawn Of Forever (4:18)
  11. Eternity Will Never Fall (5:50)

Rescurretion is out now on Frontiers Records