November 30, 2019

The melodic rock band Work Of Art go back to 2008 with Exhibits being their much anticipated fourth album and fans, both old and new, will not be disappointed. The melodic and AOR genres will forever be associated with those glorious American bands, Toto, Foreigner and Journey and it is a music form that our cousins across the Atlantic revel in.

However, I am sure that many who listen to this quite superb album will be amazed that this is a Swedish rather than American band!  This does not mean that Work Of Art are some sort of glorified tribute to all things American, rather they are a well balanced outfit with great musicians, a singer to die for and a whole raft of beautifully crafted songs. They have blended the slickness of Journey with their own lush harmonies and a touch of Scandinavian flair to produce a simply gorgeous radio friendly melodic rock album. If you are unaware of the singer Lars Säfsund then prepare to be amazed as this vocalist has all the attributes required to go to the very top i.e. power, range and a stunning level of control so suited to rock ballads.  Robert Säll provides all guitars which he does with aplomb whilst being suitably supported by the intricate work of drummer Herman Furin. They have also called on a range of guest musicians to provide the keyboards and each add to the band’s sound with great backing work, swirling keys and some great runs. If Toto and Foreigner are your template of you simply enjoy the glories of melodic rock then you will be entranced by Work Of Art.